5 April 2016

Thoughts I Had When Moving Out

I'm back. Sorry for disappearing but as some of you may know I have recently moved out. I now live in a fully wheelchair accessible bungalow with zero steps and oh my god it is magical. No more sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room. No more butt shuffling around because my wheelchair doesn't fit. It's pretty much heaven, well it is now that I'm finally settled and have furniture. Life without a sofa and no wifi was pretty dark.

So my first post back is on some of the things that ran through my head whilst attempting to move out which is hella stressful btw.

I'm sooo excited

Is this really happening?

Wait, who's going to protect me from the spiders?

Dammit I'll have to make my own cups of tea

Choosing paint colours is impossible

No dad these are not all the same colours, they are very different shades of grey

Will my skin ever be paint free again?

Shit I got paint on the carpet

Do I really own this much crap?

Oh I forgot I had this

I thought I lost this 10 billion years ago

I have wayy too many candles

I need more candles

Curtains aren't really an essential - cushions definitely are

Why is furniture so expensive?

Please give me furniture

Do I really need an oven?

Sorry I have no sofa you'll have to sit on a garden chair or the floor (someone filling in paperwork actually sat on the floor)

Disabled perks - At least I have a chair

Is it really necessary for sofas to cost so damn much?

Also am I even going to get that into my house (the answer is no - you will have to take out your living room window)

Why are TV licenses a thing?

Oh my god I actually get the TV remote to myself. What should I watch

How much are my bills?

Do I even have that much money coming in?

I dont really need heating, that's what onesies were invented for right?

When is bin day? Will I ever remember?

How do I create so much washing up?

I am probably going to die unpacking - this will actually be the end of me

How did people move house before bags for life were a thing. What did you pack all your crap in

Wow I have a lot of shoes

Oh my god I can fill all of the cupboards. They're ALL MINE

Why the hell do kettles cost so much money

I hope my dad realises he is coming round to empty my bins

How the hell do you work the shower?

I love my house

I am honestly so grateful that I was able to get a place that makes life with a crappy body that tiny bit easier. I am also super grateful for my beyond lovely 90yr old neighbour who brings me cake all the time. I may gain weight but she's just so sweet.

Here's hoping I can get back into some sort of schedule now I have my own space


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