18 April 2016

Spectrum Brushes

Every mermaid, unicorn loving person needs these super magical brushes in their life. Whenever I saw these on twitter or instagram I always assumed that they would be super expensive because look at all the pretty. When I actually went for a browse on the Spectrum collections site I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable they are. I now want to buy ALL the brushes. I need them in my life. 

spectrum makeup brushes

Seriously, not only are these the best looking makeup brushes I have ever owned they are also the softest and give the best application. It is pretty much like using magic to apply your face.

A05 Blush Crush
B01 In The Buff
A10 Feeling Fancy
A13 Short N Sweet
A15 Get Your Pout Out

spectrum brushes
(L-R Blush Crush, In the Buff, Feeling Fancy)

The blush brush is so soft and I honestly cant stop rubbing it on my face. I also made my mum try it so she could experience the magic and she doesn't even wear makeup. It picks up the perfect amount of product and makes me feel like a princess. Its perfect for both blush and highlighter

I am so in love with the buffer brush. It is definitely my favourite. It has totally replaced my Real Techniques expert face brush as my main brush for applying my foundation. Its super soft and glides over my face blending my foundation to perfection unlike the RT which used to leave brush strokes. It was pretty hard having to cover the beauty in foundation though.

I would highly recommend these brushes. They are amazing quality with zero shedding and will look beautiful on your dressing table. You can get sets or individuals as well as sponges and makeup bags. Delivery is beyond fast and the company are super lovely on Twitter. They even have a new utterly gorgeous marble range out perfect for bloggers.

Which brushes do you want?


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