28 June 2018

Roses + Whiskey Jewellery

If you read my May favourites you will have seen that I am in love with a new small business run by Jessica.

Roses + Whiskey is a gorgeous shop selling handmade crystal jewellery. Honestly, everything is so beautiful. That would probably be why I seem to have amassed such a large collection. I can't seem to say no to all the beautiful crystals. Not only is there quite a large choice of crystals, but you can also pick a chain length and colour to suit you. A black cord has also been recently introduced which looks great.

Roses + Whiskey jewellery
Pink Crackle Quartz (Sold Out)

This stone promotes fun and joy in life. It also helps you be responsible for your feelings.

This was the first necklace I bought. As soon as I saw this on Instagram I knew I needed it. It is absolutely beautiful. I cannot get over the colour. Also, who doesn't need more fun and joy in their life?

Roses + Whiskey crystal necklaces

Raw Cut Clear Quartz - £8.99

This crystal is the master energy amplifier of all crystals. Any crystal you use or wear, add a clear quartz and you will accelerate those energies. It stimulates the immune and circulatory systems, enhancing energy flow and bringing the body into balance.

I could definitely do with my immune and circulatory systems being stimulated plus this necklace is just beautiful. It is perfect for layering. It's a popular one and you definitely need it in your life.

Raw Cut Amethyst - £8.99

This stone will cleanse your energy field of negative influences and create a shield of spiritual light around your body. It’s an anxiety sufferer’s favourite.

I am obsessed with the raw cut crystals. They are so gorgeous. Amethyst has always been a favourite crystal of mine. It's so pretty and maybe I've been drawn to it because of my anxiety. Either way another gorgeous crystal perfect for layering.

Roses + Whiskey Cosmic Iolite

Cosmic Iolite - £11.99

This gorgeous little navy crystal carries the spirit of journey, dreams and intuition.

I am loving the whole layering trend that seems to be happening at the moment. The more jewellery the better. I have also recently been converted to gold jewellery after always favouring silver. I absolutely love this little moon charm. It's so damn cute. It also pairs perfectly with this beautiful navy crystal. This necklace looks incredible on.

Cosmic Hoops - £6.99 (sold out)

I absolutely adore these earrings. They are so damn cute and they go with everything. I wear them all the time. I love a hoop and these ones are small enough to go with absolutely everything and can be kept casual.

To The Moon and Stars Hoop Earrings

To The Moon and Stars Hoop Earrings - £5.00

Jessica kindly gifted me these beautiful hoops and I am in love. They're super light and so comfortable and I cannot get enough of them. In case you haven't realised, I adore anything with moon and stars on them. Once again these go with everything and look so damn cute.

Postage is always pretty quick and all the necklaces come in a lil bag. If you ever have any questions Jessica gets back to you asap. She is also one of the loveliest people ever. I love supporting small businesses and I highly recommend this one. If you are looking for a great gift idea then you should definitely check out Roses + Whiskey.

What are your favourite small businesses?


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