6 June 2018

May 2018 Favourites

May was such a busy month. I turned 25, I got to meet Charley and one of my best friends got married. Basketball season has finished for summer and I finally get some of my weekends back. Hopefully this means I might actually get some blogging done. I also desperately want to dye my hair a less boring colour asap. Purple or pink will be happening soon. What have you guys all been up to?

Anyway here's what I was loving in May apart from getting old. 

May 2018 Favourites
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish in Eat my Dust
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish in Eat my Dust

I usually have a dark red or a bright pink on my toes. Unfortunately neither of those shades went with my bridesmaids outfit so I had to rethink. I decided to go with this super light pastel blue. At first I wasn't sure but oh my god I love it. I can tell this is going to be my new go to over the summer. It is so pretty and will look amazing with a tan. Gotta love Barry M

Smashbox Liquid Lipstick in Let's Dance - (Full review of other shades)

I can always rely on Sarah to get me perfect lipstick shades. She knows me so well. She got me Let's Dance for my birthday and I adore it. Smashbox liquid lipsticks are one of my all time favourite liquid lipstick formulas. They apply beautifully, the shades are gorgeous and they are long lasting. Also the packaging means they don't roll away when I try and take pictures.

I am absolutely obsessed with everything from this shop. It's all so damn pretty. I also cannot stop wearing these cute lil hoops. I just love the moon & stars detail and they are such a gorgeous size. I'm all about hoop earrings and I am loving gold jewellery at the moment. However, I think I may need these moon & stars hoops as well. If you love crystals then you absolutely need to check out this shop. There are so many gorgeous necklaces. Jessica is also an absolute babe so go follow her and Roses + Whiskey on insta 

 Kat Von D - 'Saint' eau de parfum
 Kat Von D - 'Saint' eau de parfum

Scent type - floral
Key notes - vanilla, musk and jasmine

I got a sample of this perfume and instantly fell in love. Not only does it smell absolutely beautiful but the packaging is stunning. The attention to detail is just incredible. I had run out of both of my favourite perfumes and desperately needed a new one. When I met up with my babe Charley in Cardiff it was inevitable that I would be buying some perfume. At the Kat Von D stand I sprayed some and knew immediately that I needed it in my life. I'm a little bit sad that I wasn't a fan of sinner because black is more my shade but Saint just smells so damn good. Maybe I do have a soul after all. Charley also talked me into buying a liquid lipstick in the shade echo which I also adore.

Elegant Touch Nails in Petrol

Not only was I bridesmaid but I also had a week off of training which meant I could finally have gorgeous nails. I absolutely love Elegant touch nails and these were just perfect. They went beautifully with my dress and I finally had pretty hands. I applied them on Friday evening and I only lost one on Wednesday night in my sleep. I took them off on Thursday because I can't type properly with them and I had a load of blog stuff to get done. I thoroughly recommend them, they look amazing and they stay put. I propelled my wheelchair. I got drunk, I fought to get in and out of my dress, I showered and they survived.

Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Scrub
Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Scrub

A friend got me a Ted Baker set for my birthday and I am now obsessed. I had never tried anything from Ted Baker before but I have definitely been converted. Everything smells so damn good. The body spray is beautiful and I will definitely be repurchasing. However, the scrub is probably my favourite. I tend to stick to the Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub and I've never found a scrub I love as much as that one until now. Not only is the Ted Baker scrub gritty and nourishing but it also smells absolutely incredible and the packaging is beautiful.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Mask

My hair has been a bit dry recently and oh my god this mask has changed my life. It leaves my hair so damn soft. You use the mask between shampoo and conditioner. This is because the hair cuticles are open after shampooing allowing the mask to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft and do its thing.
The conditioner then closes the cuticle and seals in all the coconuty moisturising goodness. My hair has honestly never felt so soft and shiny. Hands down the best hair mask I have tried in forever. A little bit goes a long way as well so you definitely get your moneys worth. Bonus point, it smells like a summer holiday.

What have you been loving recently? What do I need to pick up?


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