3 April 2015

Watched in March

March seemed to fly and apart from my huge binge weekend as mentioned below I didn't really watch much. It's mainly been stuff on in the background whilst I work. Damn uni deadlines. So heres what I've been watching.

Hawaii 5-0

So me and my brother were left alone to fend for ourselves and keep each other alive for the weekend whilst our parents selfishly went away for their honeymoon (I joke they totally deserve a break from us two). Now as we are both so accident prone we decided the safest thing to do was make a nest on the sofa bed and not move for the whole weekend (except to get food obvs)

This led to a monster marathon of 36 episodes in one weekend. We were quite proud of our achievement. However I am now addicted and my brother has been at school & doing homework etc since so we havent been able to watch anymore.

If you are a fan of criminal minds and especially NCIS/NCIS LA then you have to watch this. It is amazing and has made us desperately want to go to Hawaii. They are a special task force called Five-O that solve crimes whilst looking fabulous. I mean how gorgeous is Kono and also Steve. Then theres the love/hate friendship between Steve and Danny that is more like a marriage. The crimes involve the big gun criminals and its always very dramatic. What are you waiting for go binge.

Criminal Minds

Top Daughter award goes to me as I bought my parents the series 1-9 boxset for a joint mothers day/dads birthday pressie. Mainly got it though because I want to watch it and a little bit to outshine my brothers cute teddy (shhhh). As mentioned in Watched in Feb post I am a little bit addicted. Downside is at the moment I can only watch it when everyone else is home otherwise they will kill me. If you love crime shows and behavioural analysis then this is the show for you. Also eye candy

Pretty Little Liars

I put this on the other day whilst finishing my horrific Biochemistry report and Im still not quite sure what all the fuss is about. I mean its alright but there are so many other TV shows I would choose to binge. It's all just a bit far fetched. However Im only on the end of series 1 and I do plan on sticking with it and slowly working my way through it because I am not a quitter. Except Breaking Bad I did quit on that (another one I dont get)

Three Rivers

As you can see I watch a lot of TV series. I was browsing Netflix the other day and saw this and noticed it had Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii 5-O in and its a medical drama in a transplant hospital I thought I'd give it a whirl. I only got to the last 5 mins of the first episode before my internet decided to die on me but I really enjoyed it and Alex makes an amazing Dr. He can be my Dr any day. It follows a set of patients on the donor list and who need organs and it's quite good. Not quite Greys good but I'm gonna watch the whole series good.


Disney film in bed when you feel like crap is a must. Haven't seen this one in forever and I forgot how much I love it. Kida is one of my favourite Disney Princesses who becomes a badass queen. I started watching the 2nd one online but it's pretty bad so I gave up. Kinda reminded me of a Scooby Doo episode. If you haven't seen it and love badass sassy characters and super cool nerds then this is the film for you.

Princess & The Frog

As mentioned in my fave kids films post this is my go to film when I need cheering up. By far one of my favourite Disney films. I love Ray and will never get over his death *cries*. I had some editing to do on my dissertation but didn't want to sit in the quiet so I put this on in the background because I know it word for word and the soundtrack is pretty awesome. Plus it was there to cheer me up when I wanted to throw my laptop and scream at my graphs.

Next month is probably gonna be a long one because I plan on watching a lot of films next week whilst relaxing with my family.

What have you been wathcing?


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