9 April 2015

L'oreal Color Riche Exclusive Red by Blake

I'm a huge fan of a red lip. In fact it is my go to lip colour and I may have a slight addiction. Although now it kinda clashes with my hair but who cares. Pink hair, red lips for life. I have so many red lipsticks that my mum is constantly questioning my need for more but you can never have too many. 

For now I have found my favourite red. This is the one I reach for every time. It is the L'oreal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Red by Blake - Bit of a mouthful. I mainly picked it up to start with because I am obsessed with Red lipstick and I'm a huge fan of Blake Lively. I mean she's gorgeous, has amazing style and played Serena in Gossip Girl. 

I was not expecting to fall so madly in love with this lipstick. I love pretty much everything about it.  The packaging is one of my favourite out of all the many lipsticks I own. I love the black on gold and it looks pricier than its £6.99 price tag. It also smells amazing. It glides on making application easy and even though it is matte its not drying at all and even better, it doesn't cling to dry patches *magic*. So if you suffer from dry slightly cracked lips like moi but cant resist a matte lip then this is the product for you. 

Loreal exclusive red by blake

loreal blakes red lipstick

loreal red lipstick by blake

Blakes red lipstick swatch

I'm so tempted to pick up some of the others but I can't really justify more reds. My mum might take my card off me.

Have you tried any of this collection?
What is your go to red?


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