5 April 2015

Sunday Summary

I've been a bit moany on Twitter recently due to my misbehaving body so I thought Id do a positive Sunday summary as I haven't done one for ages.
Here's a list of a few of the things that have made me smile in the past fortnight

1. I finally finished my 5000 word biochemistry report that seemed to be never ending

2. I also handed in a full draft of my dissertation

3. I made an epic lemon drizzle cake and drove down to Bristol to surprise my dad at work on his birthday. My home made lemon curd was amazing even if I do say so myself

4. I got an illamasqua lipstick for £6.95 as you can see in this post

5. I finally have an amazing blog button thanks to the gorgeous Olivia which you can find in my side bar

6. I made friends with the friendly guy taking my blood although he kept saying my hair was purple. It's clearly pink

7. Started having physio and my PT is so lovely, hoping to strengthen some muscles and build up stamina

8. Watched you brother play wheelchair basketball and our team won both games even beating a team who hadnt lost a game this season

9. Pissing about and having a laugh with my brother always brings a smile to my face.

10. Currently on holiday near Devon

What's made you smile recently


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