24 April 2015

Horse Riding on Dartmoor

Some of you may know that I used to own horses. I had a Welsh Mountain Pony who was the biggest bitch ever but she was my bitch and she taught me so much. I also had an ex racehorse who was everything I didn't want but was somehow perfect. He was my baby. I was so devastated when I had to sell him due to health and I miss him everyday. Horse riding is the one thing I miss the most and I hated my body for having to give it up (it was partly because I needed to concentrate on my GCSEs and A levels too but thats not the point).

When we were in Devon my mum said that I could go riding on Dartmoor for a treat. I was so excited. Like kid high on sugar going to a toy shop excited. 

I got to ride the gentle giant Sherman who was a bit of a scaredy cat (the big ones always are) but was so lovely. I mean look how cute he is. I did get covered in white hair though. Black was probably not the best clothing choice. 

I opted for the 2hr ride because I didn't think my butt would be able to cope with 3hrs after not riding for so long. My body did strop quite a bit but oh my god it was so worth it. The views across Dartmoor were stunning and we got to see places I would never have seen. I even got to have a canter and man have I missed that. The wind in my hair as we charge across the land. I mean I couldn't sit down without pain in my butt for about 2 days who knew my butt was so bony. Also couldn't close my legs without my muscles protesting (insert dirty joke here).

Everyone at Babeny Stables were so lovely and the guy leading our group was super friendly and told us loads of facts about Dartmoor and the ponies. Everyone in the group was included and all the horses were amazingly well behaved but still had their own personalities. 

If you're ever on Dartmoor and want to go riding make sure you check these out. Definitely recommend and they cater for all levels of experience and help you with everything. 


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