21 April 2015

Film// Cinderella

This was supposed to be posted on Sunday but I got too excited about the zoo and forgot to schedule it to you can have an extra one this week.

As mentioned in my Cinderella themed nails post I went to the cinema to see Cinderella last week and oh my god that dress. I need it. The blue, the sparkles, the twirl.

Lily James was such a good choice for Cinderella and her mum was an amazing match. I loved Cate Blanchette as Lady Tremaine her, and her dresses were fabulous plus she was pretty terrifying and rocked a red lip. The ugly sisters were excellent and not over the top and oh my god Helena Boneham Carter made a fantabulous Fairy Godmother. She suited the roll so well.

I really enjoyed this film and it was nice to see the classic Cinderella story played out so well. I would say that small Children may get a bit bored but it's great for adults that grew up with these films and still love Disney. It follows the same storyline as the classic and there are some potential tear jerkers. I would say it would have been epic if they had put in the bibbidi bobbidi boo song though. That was my favourite as a kid. I still prefer the recent Maleficent film though.

What did you think of it?

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