7 April 2015

New Cid Eton Mess Nail Polish

As you are reading this I am away on holiday. Unfortunately nowhere tropical but I am hopefully getting some much needed relaxation in sunny Devon. Also wanted to tell you that I will hopefully be sticking to a posting schedule of Tuesday & Thursday and a weekend post if you're lucky. Was even super organised and scheduled these posts as you can see. It is a new me. Well for now anyway.

Anyways I saw on twitter the other day that Callie from From The Corneres of the Curve was going to be in this months comso magazine. I haven't bought a magazine for ages and I love Callie's blog and her style so I thought I'd treat myself. I then saw it had free nail polish and was even more convinced I needed a treat. 

This moths Cosmo comes with a New Cid Nail Polish in 4 different colours. I picked up Eton Mess which is a gorgeous burgundy colour. I am still into my darker autumn/winter colours at the moment so this is perfect.

I did find the consistency was a little runnier than Im used to but it applied easy enough. It took two coats to get good coverage which is normal and the best thing about it was it seemed to dry preetty quick. I usually end up smudging my nails before they're fully dry and I was in a rush whilst doing these but no smudges *hallelujah*. I've had it on for 3 days now and I have quite a lot of tip wear but I have been quite hard on my nails. No massive chips though so thats pretty good as I am the queen of chipping my nails.

May cosmopolitan magazine

new cid nail polish in eton mess

new cid cosmetics eton mess

Did you pick up one of the colours?


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