22 April 2015

Lifestyle// The Highwayman's Haunt

When we were in Devon we decided to go out for a meal on Easter Sunday and this super cute 13th Century Country Inn (The Highwayman's Haunt) was right next to where we were staying so we couldn't not go. I mean look how cute it is.

The Highwaymans haunt

The Highwaymans haunt

There were so many delicious sounding meals to choose from but I decided to go for the roast beef. You can't beat a good roast. It was delicious. There was plenty of everything including gravy (I always have to ask for more gravy I like my food to be swimming) and the beef was gorgeous. 

The Highwaymans haunt sunday dinner

Pudding was also another tough choice but I'm a sucker for a good cheesecake and this one was a home made white chocolate cheesecake with strawberries and cream ice cream. Oh my god it was heaven in my mouth. I'm drooling just writing this. The texture was gorgeous and you could taste the white chocolate which blended perfectly with the cream cheese and the ice cream was just magical. Plus it just looks so pretty.

The Highwaymans haunt cheesecake

The staff were so friendly and the atmosphere was really nice. There are comfy sofas and chairs in front of an open fire and they also have a really pretty garden filled with flowers to enjoy a cold drink on a warm day. If you're ever near Chudleigh I would highly recommend going.


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