20 April 2015


If you follow me on twitter you have probably seen me raving about this lip balm. I got it in the March YouBeauty Box and I am so pleased I chose it. I have been having serious issues with dry lips recently that have got so bad that I have had to avoid using my precious matte lipsticks because they look gross *Cries*

But then this magic in a tube came to the rescue. It seriously cleared them up in 24hours. How is that even possible? Sorcery is the only answer.

So this magical item is a multi-purpose moisturiser which absorbs 300% of its weight in water giving long lasting moisturising results. It is non greasy so it ensures a natural look with a super soft feel and is safe to use for multiple applications such as
  •          Daily lip balm
  •           Cuticle ointment
  •           Split end smoother
  •           Lipstick and mascara primer
  •           Eyebrow balm
  •           Dry skin relief on elbows, knees, knuckles and in the nasal passage
  •           Soothes chafing and rashes

It is also
  •           Proven to reduce skin roughness by 40% in just one hour
  •           Hypoallergenic
  •           Immediate protection of skins natural barrier
  •           100% fragrance and colour free
  •           Medical grade ultra pure Lanolin (skin matching oils) hydrates from beneath the skins surface.

So far I have used it to sort out the mess that was my lips and also weirdly on my nose. Since having it pierced I keep getting dry skin around the stud so I dabbed a bit of this on and ta-da it’s sorted for the first time since I had it done in September. I have also used it as a lip primer for MAC All Fired Up as I find it really drying and it clings in all the wrong places but with this underneath it went on super smooth and stayed put without any dry patches and I looked fabulous all day.

I also love the packaging. The gold lip makes it look high-end and the tube makes application easy. I’m really not a fan of tins of lip balm because I just end up with it under my nails. 

So if you struggle with really dry lips then I highly recommend this lip balm. It has become a staple in my make up bag and I never want to lose it. 

What is your go to lip balm?


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