28 April 2015

Plus Size & Health

I wasn't sure whether to write this post but with all the talk of body shape and size I keep seeing the same thing written over and over again.

"It doesn't matter what size you are as long as you're healthy"
Basically you can be whatever size you want as long as you're healthy. This needs to stop

There are so many ways fat people can be classed as unhealthy which has nothing to do with their weight. Some people are fat because they are ill. There are also many ways they can be unhealthy because of their weight. Does that mean that they deserve to feel too embarrassed to leave the house? Should they have to wear sacks? Should they be shamed? They are still human beings and they still have feelings. I don't give a shit why they are ill or what size they are. Fat people still deserve to be treated with respect and they still deserve to feel fabulous and rock whatever clothes they damn well please.

We Are The They

Now I am a plus size girl who just so happens to have a genetic chronic illness. Don't even bother telling me that I'm ill because I'm fat. I've had enough of that from Drs. Being thin is never going to stop my joints dislocating on a daily basis and will not make my body work any better. My brother is average size and his condition is worse than mine so there goes your argument. 

No I am not entirely happy with my body and I would love to lose weight. Yes I am trying but struggling to exercise and having a stomach which is temperamental with certain foods makes it harder. 

But in the mean time I deserve to feel confident with my body and wear whatever the hell I want. Even more I deserve to go out in my wheelchair and not be judged that the only reason Im in it is because I'm fat which has happened.

I deserve to not be classed as a "bad" fat person because I am not healthy.

So can we please stop with the as long as their healthy thing and just go with everyone deserves to feel fabulous. I know a lot of you don't mean it to come across this way but it does kinda hurt reading it. 

Also people that are saying plus size models and bloggers are glorifying obesity and normalising it. People are fat. There has always been fat people and there always will be. I'm not saying that it is the best thing to be and obviously it has consequences but for those of us that are fat having these gorgeous women who look amazing and rock their bodies with confidence makes me hate my body a little less every day. Plus I grew up only seeing skinny women in magazines and it didnt make me skinny did it?

Shout out to all my chronically ill fabulous plus size babes 

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