3 May 2015

Watched in April

I've watched quite a lot this month due to being on holiday for a week and having finished my dissertation *happy dance*. So here's what I watched in April

The Quiet Ones
I love a good horror every now and then unfortunately a good horror is hard to find and this was not one of them. The story line had potential but it was just boring and I was constantly waiting and expecting something to happen and it never really did. The ending was the only bit where it really got going and it was totally predictable. We were going to turn it off but just kept hoping it was going to get better.
It’s about a girl who sees a girl called Evie and a researcher who thinks he can cure her with an Experiment and the help of 2 students and a camera man. None of them really believe in the supernatural and all think there is a radical explanation until things start getting weird and people get hurt.

Olympus Has Fallen
Action is probably the genre I watch most often and I love this one plus it has Gerald Butler in. The white house is taken down by Koreans and the President held hostage and the only man in the building who has any chance of saving him is Gerald Butler. Some of their defence systems seem totally stupid and the amount of people that die is ridiculous. Morgan Freeman is also in it as the speaker and who doesn’t love him? 

A Most Wanted Man
Another film I wasn’t a fan of. When I saw the trailer for this I thought it looked really good but it’s so slow and quite boring. I can’t actually tell you what happens after the first half hour because I switched off and started browsing twitter and Instagram and now I’m drafting this post whilst it finishes. It’s something about a terrorist in Hamburg and a special terrorist task force I think but I could be wrong. I expected it to be so much better. Quite disappointed.


After the 2 bad films we watched I wasn't expecting to like this one either because I'm not Nicholas Cages biggest fan but I was wrong. It's a film about a bank robber who gets caught and when in prison he decides he's going to be a good boy when he comes out. Then one of his old bad friends kidnaps his daughter and threatens to kill her unless he gives him $10 million (which he doesn't have). The ending is kinda predictable. There's some dramatic manly fights (you know the ones) but I really enjoyed it

Delivery Man
I was not expecting to love this film so much. It is so good. It's about a guy who donated to a sperm bank a lot and there was a mix up and he fathered 500 odd children. Over 100 of them now want to know his identity. The story follows him trying to decide whether to come forward and identify himself as their father. It is such a funny and heart warming film and the ending is adorable. I definitely recommend this if you love comedies.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
I love animated films. They make up the majority of my collection and this is one of my favourites. I was prepared for the sad bit this time and didn't cry (Couldn't let my brother hold it against me). My whole family loved this film. There's a huge battle between dragons and a guy who is building a dragon army (seems a bit drastic) and it's very tense. I would sa
y that I may even prefer this to the first one. How are Dreamworks so good at sequels.

Secret Diary of A Call Girl
I went round a friends house to cat sit (wait for a parcel, the cats were an extra) and ended up just sprawling on her sofa because we don't have one in halls. I drank her tea, did some work and watched 2 seasons of this. Very productive day. It's really good and I love Billie in it. The storyline is so good and it's nice to see the story from the point of view of someone who chooses to be an Escort because she loves the job. I have the next 2 seasons to watch next time I have a lazy day.

Private Practice
Once again been watching this whilst working. I still need to catch up on Grey's but this is on Netflix so for now I will use this to get my fix. Its so full of drama but I love that they put in interesting medical cases as well as the drama of the Drs. Although I'm really starting to dislike a few of the Drs now (Naomi I'm looking at you).

I discovered this on Netflix the other day and why have I not watched this before. I have now nearly finished season 1 a few days later. Who said I have to revise? It's another crime series (I can't get enough of them) but its a follows a forensic anthropologist and her team helping out the FBI. Bones, the anthropologist, is super clever and struggles to act around people because she just says whatever she's thinking. I love the chemistry of the team and how they all work together and I love the relationship between Bones and Booth (FBI guy). It's also really interesting seeing how they found out the identity and cause of death from a skeleton and all the different science they use. If you love crime and science you have to watch this.

What have you guys been watching?


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