31 May 2015

Watched in May

I've been to the cinema 3 times this month and I actually have time to sit and watch as many films and tv shows as I like (shh dont tell my mum), plus my body has been pretty broken so I haven't had much choice in the matter. So here's what I watched this month

Pretty Woman
I absolutely love this film. Definitely one of my favourites. It would seem my dad also loved it because he pushed me over so he could sit on the edge of my bed and watch the end. Is there actually anyone who hasnt seen this film? Also my parents seem to love the Cinder-fuckin-ella line and laugh too much every time. Its hilarious.

I actually only watched this for the first time ever this month but its safe to say I enjoyed it. Did not realise that it was Bette from The L word that was in it though. The soundtrack was great and the dancing looked like far too much effort but made me a tad jealous. Wish I could move like that. That figure would also be nice.

Little Mermaid: Ariels Beginning. 
Cant really go to bed early because your ill without watching a Disney film. Its the rules. Obviously this is no where near as good as the first film but its still fun and I enjoyed watching it. You find out what happened to Ariels mum and how her dad lost his marbles a lil bit. Its a good film to put on if you dont want anything too taxing on the brain

RuPauls Drag Race
I am so addicted to RuPaul. I've only just finished the first series but Im hooked. I loved Ongina in the first one. Such a babe She was awesome. The fierce style and fantabulous eye makeup is made even more magical by the bitchiness. If you haven't seen it you are missing out

Still completely addicted to this show. I tend to watch a few episodes every night and am now on series 3. If you love forensic shows you need to check this out. I love Andrea and Hodgins and Booth and Bones' relationship is so amusing. There is always such an interesting storyline as well

Furious 7
I saw this in the cinema with my dad (after my mum & brother rudely went to see it without me) and we both totally cried at the end. When that song started there was no hope for me.
As usual this was an amazing film and I loved it just as much as all the others. This one seemed to be more violent with a lot of fist fights but you cant not with the Rock, Jason Statham (babe) and Vin Diesel. All that muscle. Also Jason Statham against the rock seemed like an unfair fight. The ending seemed a bit far fetched with a certain someone surviving the impossible but at least it leaves it open for another film. Still not a fan of Letty though. She just pisses me off for some reason and Dom should have totally stayed with that blonde cop. Pretty sure the Fast & Furious films are my favourite action films and they seem to be the only sequels that get better every time. They wont be the same without Paul Walker but I still cant wait for more.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Saw this in the cinema for my birthday after eating my body weight in pizza, cake and Pic n Mix. Another film that wasn't as good as the first one but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Not quite sure how they are going to do another one with half the original cast missing, It just wont be the same. However I loved the banter between all the characters in this one and there was comedy as well as action. Bruce and Nat although odd are quite cute and why is there no black widow movie yet. I need it

Rio & Rio 2
These will now forever be known as my hangover films. They saved my life. After finishing my last ever exam and thus completing my degree I went out with some friends and had a few* too many drinks (*I actually lost count). I haven't been that drunk in ages and dont plan on doing it again any time soon. Thanks to the Jagerbombs (totally blaming them) I spent most of the night chillin with my toilet bowl and then the next day was spent in bed clutching an ice lolly watching these films to distract me from my sorry state.

I loved the first film when it came out ages ago and I've been meaning to see the second for a while now so when they were both on offer in Tesco I snatched them up. The first film follows a domesticated rare bird who cant fly and suddenly finds himself lost in Rio with a girl bird (wink wink). Also some people are trying to catch them and sell them so it's all very dramatic. The second film follows them going to the Amazon and discovering more birds and having to save the rainforest. My god I really sell the storylines of these films. Definitely a good film for all those kids film lovers out there and I laughed too much for my state I thought my poor head might explode and there were some really cute bits (as cute as animated birds can be).

Lizzie McGuire Movie
When I discovered this was on Netflix I cheered as much as my hungover state would allow. I then watched it as my hangover blissfully disappeared. Thanks Lizzie. I love all the old school disney and Lizzie McGuire is no exception. She goes to Rome on a school trip, sneaks out, meets a handsome Italian pop star, pretends to be an Italian pop star and has an epic holiday. The ending is still the biggest plot twist of my film career and I will never forgive whats his face (cant remember his name). Still amazes me that they filmed this with only one Lizzie McGuire. Also Hey now was my jam.

I also saw Pitch Perfect 2 in the cinema this month and you can find a full review here

What have you been watching this month?


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