22 May 2015

Tips to Ease Nausea

I suffer really badly with nausea. I always seem to be nauseous. Like all the time. If I eat, if I don't eat. My stomach just hates me. I particularly struggle after meals so here's a few things that I have found help.

Easing nausea

 Peppermint Tea - It took me ages to pluck up the courage to try this as I was convinced I wasn't going to like it and it was just gonna taste like warm toothpaste, but Im pleased to announce I was wrong. Better than warm toothpaste. I love it and practically live on it on bad days. I tend to drink it in the evening after bigger meals and before bed so I can actually sleep and not want to puke.

Polos - If you ever come in my car or house you will see packets of polos everywhere. I also have a packet in every handbag. They save my life on a daily basis. I tend to have to eat one or two after a meal to get rid of the taste of food and prevent or get rid of the nausea. B&M do multi packs for 99p and they are great for on the go. I couldnt live in a world without polos.

Ginger Biscuits - I tend to eat these if I need to eat something to take meds but can't stomach anything else. I feel like my grandma when sit down to a peppermint tea and ginger biscuit rocking my slippers.

Ginger Tea - I tend to get the one with lemon but ginger really helps with nausea so if you're not a fan of peppermint give this one a go. Pretty delicious and also good if you feel like you have a cold coming on.

I also have a few foods which I have on hand for bad days so that I can actually attempt to eat something

Mashed Potato - I love all things potato. I mean they are the food of gods but mashed potato is a must when I'm nauseous. It's plain, requires no chewing and is warm plus its delicious. I lived on mash for about a month when I was really ill and weirdly still love it.

Brown Rice - Also another staple in my bland diet. Plain brown rice. Occasionally mixed up with some plain chicken. Such an exciting meal but it makes a change from mash. Plus brown rice is pretty delicious and if you have a microwave rice cooker its pretty damn simple to cook.

Melon - I live on melon most of the time anyway but particularly when I'm nauseous. Its like a drink that you can eat. Magical. I tend to just snack on it throughout the day to keep me hydrated and actually make sure I am eating.

If all else fails I just moan about it constantly and feel really pathetic. Fun for everyone.

If you have any others leave me a comment?


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