18 May 2015

Cheerz Photos

If like me you take a lot of photos and are addicted to instagram but miss having hard copies and are too lazy to print them out yourselves then this is the post for you.

I'd heard of a few sites that printed your instagram photos and posted them to you so I thought I'd have a browse. I checked out a few sites and this was the one that looked the best. It used to be called PolaBox and is now called Cheerz.

You can choose from a variety of products including

Polabox - Polaroid style photos in a cute box
Posters - Self explanatory really - Its a poster with loads of your pictures on it 
Polabox ID - You can create strips of photos like in a photobooth
Polabook - Book of all your pictures

So all you do is go on their site, pick which product you want and then add all your photos. You can do this from Instagram, your computer, flickr etc. and you can switch where you upload from during the process. They even have an app so you can do it all from your phone. Simple. Also postage was pretty fast considering Im pretty sure it came from France. 

I went for the La Boite À Photos which is £19.95 and includes
- 40 photos
- 24 pegs (in a cute bag)
- String
- Washi Tape
- 32 Corner Stickers

The box that everything comes in is super cute and handy to keep everything stored together.

I'm currently redecorating my room which is why I went for this option and I cant wait to get around to hanging them up.

Here's a selection of some of the photos I got printed (including a selfie #Vain). Im so impressed with the quality and they all look amazing.

So if you want to make an order you can use the code BETMJ8 and get £4 off.

Have you used any printing sites?


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