26 May 2015

Film// Pitch Perfect 2

I was a huge fan of the first Pitch Perfect film. I've lost count of how many time I've watched it and can pretty much quote it word for word and belt out all the songs with my below average singing voice. So when the 2nd one came out my whole family was pretty excited but none more than my little brother. To say Pitch Perfect is his favourite film is an understatement.

Pitch perfect 2 review

Now this film is definitely not as good as the first one but it is a hard film to beat. However it is a really good film and I loved it and definitely recommend you get your butt to the cinema and go watch it. What are you waiting for?

Buuut I found it was lacking a tad (just a smidge though). The first film is renowned for its one liners and they can be quoted at each other over and over again in every day life (basically what me and my brother do). "Just your old man making a funny" "Get your head out of your ass its not a hat" and my brothers all time favourite because my mum loses her voice a lot so when it comes back he says "God bitch no need to shout" every time without fail. The 2nd film was definitely lacking in one liners. I can't really think of any that stood out but maybe once I watch it more (which I intend to do) some will surface. I also preferred the soundtrack to the first one. The songs weren't as catchy in this film although I do love Flashlight and I have already downloaded the soundtrack because I still intend on belting them out and pretending I can sing. It also followed pretty much the same story line as the first one. 

However, I do still love it and will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD (gotta add to my rather large dvd collection). It made me actually laugh out loud several times and the girls are all just so funny plus Fat Amy is such a babe. Bumper is back and even weirder than the first film. Also I have a massive crush on Anna Kendrick (who doesnt). Becca & Chloe should totally be a thing though. The story line was a bit predictable but the rivalry between the bellas and the Germans was fabulous. It's an epic film to put on when you need a laugh and cheering up or to watch with your girlfriends stuffing your face with junk food.

My brother hated it and said it ruined a perfectly good film but he has a tendancy to be a tad dramatic. His complaints were he didnt like the German group, there were no one liners and it was boring but he'll get over it. I for one loved it.

Have you seen it yet?


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