23 March 2015

Bobble Bottle

I drink a lot of water. I'm pretty sure I actually drink an abnormal amount of water but I've been tested for diabetes and thyroid issues and get tested for them every 6 months just in case but for now I just get to be thirsty a lot.

At home this isn't an issue. We live in the middle of no where in a small village in Mid Wales and our water comes straight from the local reservoir and it is delicious especially in winter when it is Ice cold. The problem came when I got to uni and found that the water in Bangor isn't great which actually surprised me. It's just chalky and tastes weird. So for someone who is always thirsty this wasn't ideal. I started drinking a lot of squash and spending a fortune on bottled water.

Then for Christmas Santa got me the Bobble bottle. It's a reusable bottle that is BPA free, and free of Pthalates and PVC. It also has a filter which filters out chlorine from tap water making it taste better. 

Now I wasn't expecting much as the water in Bangor does taste pretty grim but oh my gosh it actually works. This is the only way I now drink water. The only thing I drink at uni now is hot drinks (obvs) and water (oh and the occasional alcoholic beverage *winky face*). When I drink out of this it makes the water in uni taste just as good as the water at home. How? Magic is the only logical answer.

Obviously they are a bit pricey with the 550ml bottles being £8 in supermarkets and the 1l bottles being £10. You also have to change the filter every 150 litres I think and they tend to be about £4-5. But when I take into consideration how many bottles of water I was buying and throwing away this definitely works out better. Plus the fact that I can drink the tap water here in uni makes it worth it. 

Have you tried Bobble bottles?


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