12 March 2015

Best Things About Going Home From Uni

After 4 years at uni Coming home is still always a bit weird. You feel like a guest in what was once you're own home but once you get past that there are so many plus points. I mean having views like this just down the rode definitely helps but here's a list of all the great things.

1. You can use as much soap, toilet roll, toothpaste etc as you like without having to pay or worry about running out because mums always have a back up. I think its a mum thing

2. The cupboards actually have food in them. Like real life nutritious food that isn't growing it's own garden

3. If like me you don't have a TV license you can finally catch up on daytime TV and find out what's being advertised these days

4. You have someone who will cook real meals for you

5. You don't have to save all your change to do your laundry and you don't have to wait until you run out of underwear and then lug it all across campus to the laundrette and if you're lucky someone else even does it for you. Plus my mums washing powder smells way nicer than the cheap one I have

6. If like me your flatmates are gross you can go home to a kitchen that isn't sticky with a sink piled high with washing up and a plug blocked with food. No seriously there is more food in one of our sinks then in the fridge sometimes.

7. Only your brother steals your food and you can get back at him quite easily

8. You don't get woken up in the early hours by drunken arguments outside your room and your weird flatmates, who usually don't talk, singing Love is an Open door

9. The internet actually works at a decent speed because there isn't a billion students trying to procrastinate on Netflix

10. You can go back to pretending you're not an adult and let your mum/dad look after you.

Also I have a double bed at home so get to starfish all night and my mum is pretty good at usually having a bottle of wine in the fridge. It's beautiful.

What do you love about going home?


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