5 March 2015

Watched in February

I watch a lot of films/ TV series. My DVD collection is huge and continuously growing and Netflix is my best friend so I thought I'd start doing a monthly what I've been watching and hope it isn't too long.

The Walking Dead

I finally attempted to get up to date with this and have binge watched the end of series 3 and all of series 4 in 2 days with my brother. It was great we only moved to pee and get food. I kinda fell out of love with it a bit which is why I got so behind but after my marathon I am obsessed again. Although Rick and Carl have to be my least favourite, can they just be eaten already?

The Vampire Diaries

When I saw that series 5 was on Netflix I thought it was about time I caught up with this too as I only actually had 3 episodes left to watch. I got a bit bored with this as well because it seemed to get more weird every episode but Damon was just too gorgeous to stay away from. It has everything from vampires, werewolves, vampire-werewolf hybrids, witches, travellers, love, hate, love triangles, gorgeous people and there is always something dramatic happening. Oh my god I cried so bad at the end. Why would they do that to me.

Criminal Minds

Probably one of my favourite TV shows. I love a good crime show and this is one of the best. It follows a group of FBI profilers that try and discover what type of person commits the crimes and what they are thinking in order to catch them. They are all such an amazing group of people with great chemistry. I've watched random episodes now & then but I've decided to start from the beginning. Also Derek Morgan is just soo damn nice to look at.

Lilo & Stitch, Lilo & Stich 2, Stitch the Movie & Leroy & Stitch

I had a few nights of bad pain and needed something to distract me but nothing that I had to concentrate too hard on. So obviously my bae Disney came to the rescue. I absolutely adore Lilo & Stitch (even have a soft toy of stitch which is adorable) so thought I'd watch the sequels. My expectations were low because sequels are never great (Except Shrek, How to train your dragon). I actually loved the 2nd one though and even shed a few tears. Why do I cry so much? The other two weren't as good but I still enjoyed them and they were perfect for my pain distraction needs. I don't think anything with the adorableness that is stictch can be bad.

In the second one stitch is good but then he starts glitching and turning bad and Jumba has to try and build a weird machine thing to fix him. Lilo doesn't realise he's glitching and just thinks he's turned bad again. It's all very dramatic.

Stitch the movie - Gantu comes to kidnap the scientist Jumba to find out where the other 625 experiments are. Lilo & stitch help save the day.

Leroy & Stitch - An evil hamster creates an experiment that looks just like stitch and is sent to earth to destroy everything. Stitch is kidnapped along with the other 625 experiments and lilo once again has to save the day. She's a pretty badass girl.

Beauty & the Beast

I needed something on in the background whilst I worked and Disney is always my go to for most film needs. I really need a cup like Chip. How adorable is he.

Rock of Ages

I mainly watch this film for the Alec Baldwin - Russell Brand duet & relationship also the soundtrack is pretty damn good. I love this film, my brother hates it. He sighs every time they burst into song which is hilarious because he's always singing at random times. Living with him is like living in a terrible musical. Anyway if you like musicals and rock then this is the film for you. Tom Cruise is a creepy rockstar who likes it when a girl licks him. Catherine Zeta Jones is a posh women against the sin of rock music and has a sing off with Russell brand and its all pretty magical. It follows the story of 2 kids who wanna make it as rockstars, a spiralling rockstar who wants to go solo, rock club owners who are broke and a womens group that want to close the club.


Hands down one of my favourite films minus how damn gorgeous all the girls are and how jealous I am of their bodies and dancing abilities. Ali (Christina) moves to L.A to make a singing career and ends up as a waitress in a burlesque lounge longing to get on stage. Then there's the main girl who doesn't want any new talent that may be better than her. The soundtrack to this film is amazing and Christina is perfect for this role. Also Cher and Stanley Tucci make this film. Plus for any Grey's fans Eric Dane or Mark Sloan makes a gorgeous appearance.

Dirty Dancing

What a classic. Nobody put's baby in the corner and all that. Haven't seen this film for ages. I forgot how much I loved it although watching all that dancing did makes my hips ache.

What have you been watching?


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