3 March 2015

Books// Sacrifice by Paul Finch

Why do I always get motivation to blog at weird times. I should probably be attempting sleep or doing uni work but this is more fun plus I haven't posted for a few days.

I posted a review a while ago on the first Detective Mark Heckenberg thriller called Stalkers which was an amazing read and I instantly ordered the next books in the series. Then uni work got in the way and then my mum & dad stole them to read so I've only just got around to reading the 2nd in the series but it was worth the wait. Plus it meant my mum got so into them that she then bought the next 2 books in the series. Win

"A vicious serial killer is holding the country to ransom, publicly - and gruesomely - murdering his victims.

When a man is burnt alive on a bonfire, it seems like a tragic Guy Fawkes Night accident. But with the discovery of a young couple on Valentine’s Day – each with an arrow through the heart – something more sinister becomes clear. A ‘calendar killer’ is on the loose.
Detective Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg is up against it. With a rising body count and the public’s eyes on him, Heck must find the killer before he executes more victims.
Because this killer has a plan. And nothing will stop him completing it."

I have to hand it to Paul he is amazing at producing bone chilling books. This is not a book for the faint hearted. The crimes are a tad disturbing but I just couldn't put this book down. I was kept on edge throughout the whole book and considering how the last one ended I was seriously concerned for one of the characters. 
The plot follows a killer who murders his victims in various gruesome ways and then displays them publicly and all this happens on various special days of the year like bonfire night & valentines day. It takes a while for the police to notice a link and soon the body counts starts to add up. 
Heck has to be one of my favourite detectives out of the many crime thrillers I have read. I also love the relationship he has with Gemma, who is seriously badass by the way. 
If my Dad hasn't stolen the next book I'm going to start that soon but the Dissesrtation is getting in the way of fun so I'll chuck a review up when I finally get through it. As I said in my first review this is definitely a series for all you crime thriller lovers out there.

Have you read any of Paul Finch's books?
What is your favourite crime thriller?

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