27 July 2014

Sunday summary

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, as I mentioned last Sunday I had my gallbladder removed on Thursday. I spent the days before having fun getting my hair done and lounging on the beach. After my surgery I badly dislocated my shoulder and have been in more pain from that than the 4 holes in my stomach which is a tad annoying. I am now rocking a sling and trying to blog one handed which is a lot harder than it looks especially as I did my right shoulder.

So 7 things that made me happy

1. I ticked something off my summer bucket list and have pink and purple hair and I love it

2. I spent 2 days on the beach and have a gorgeous tan and had so much fun messing about in the Sea

3. I treated myself to a breville smoothie maker

4. I got the body shop mango body butter and body most and it smells gorgeous

5. My anesthetist was absolutely lovely which kinda made up for the incompetence of the other staff

6. My surgery went well and my stomach isn't giving me too much trouble although it feels like I've done a billion sit-ups

7. My dad made me pancakes

Hopefully I will get more posts up this week in  between naps as I have so many ideas.

Whats made you smile this week?


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