15 July 2014

Summer Bucket List

Taking a break from my lit review writing (not that I've done enough to warrant a break). I've seen a few of these around and I really don't want to wast my last summer where I don't really have any responsibilities. So here is what I want to get done with my time instead of spending it all on Netflix

1. Get my nose pierced but shh don't tell my parents.

2. Get my tragus or my thirds pierced. Parents should be okay with that

3. Find someone to draw up my tattoo idea to see if I do actually like it

4. Visit more places around the UK, difficult when friends & family all work.

5. Dye my hair an awesome colour. I'm thinking pink & purple dip dye

6. Throw one of my epic house parties

7. Go on holiday with my friends - should be happening in September

8. Make a scrap book from last years holiday with my friends in Berlin

9. BBQ on the beach

10. Make my room more homely

11. Read more, I have so many books on my kindle I haven't read yet

12. Take more photos. I haven't really put the camera I got for Christmas to good use yet. I also want to put some of my pics on canvas to put up round my room

13. Work on my blog photos. I always end up over editing.

14. Go and camp up our field like the country bumpkins we are with no facilities

15. Buy a MAC lipstick

16. Start doing outfit posts...maybe

17.  Make some memories

What do you want to do with your summer?


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