12 July 2014

Elegant Touch Express Nails

I've never tried false nails before because I'm lazy & always thought it would require too much faffing around. I'm also quite hard on my nails so didn't really expect them to last. I made an order on Feel Unique a few weeks ago & they had 3 for 2 on Elegant touch nails with a free gift if you spent over £10. Would have been rude not to really.

These nails completely converted me and they look amazing.

I opted for the Trend Bright Tribal set. They apply really easily. You just have to peel the back and stick them on. Even I could do it. The set also comes with a handy lil nail file. The colours are really bright and I got so many compliments. I also kept getting asked if they were real or not which amused me as my real nails are a state and all different lengths. I applied them on the Thursday afternoon and when I had to take them of on the Sunday night (I was helping with sheep shearing on the monday & didn't want to ruin them) they were still going strong. They survived countless hand washes, baking and a really really long shower. They lasted a hell of a lot better than I expected them to.

The only downside I found to these was every time I ran my hands through my hair they got stuck but apart from that I loved them and I plan on adding more to my collection. I already have the Minnie ones from the express range to try.

Are you a fan of Elegant touch nails?


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