13 July 2014

Sunday Summary

Another week another Sunday Summary. I can't tell if this week has gone fast or slow and I couldn't really tell you what I did with my time. I don't think I really did anything

Things that made me smile

1. Received an amazing box from the Pillow Fort Bpx Swap. You can find out more about the Pillow Fort here. Its a group for youngish people with Chronic illnesses focusing on being positive

Taken on my phone so crappy quality. 

2. My dad made me afternoon tea two days in a row

3. Finally got around to decorating my crutches and they look even better than I imagined. Post on them here

4.  Treated myself to 2 new books and my mum got me NCIS LA season 4

5. I passed this uni year with a 2:1

6. Buttermint tea, tastes delicious and helps with my nausea

7. Having Roast dinner tonight for the first time in ages

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Shrek - I really want a talking donkey
Hotel Transylvania - I also want to be able to turn into a bat. How cool would that be?
Escape Plan

George Ezra - Budapest
Paloma Faith - Black & Blue
Maverick Sabre - Emotion
Gorgon City - Here for you
Dolly Parton - Home

What's happened with your week?


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