6 July 2014

Sunday Summary

I didn't write one of these last week because I was at South West Live so I thought I'd write double the things that made me happy to include last week.

So Things that made me happy

1. Going to chester zoo to meet up with some amazing friends and seeing baby elephants

2. South West Live. It was amazing (Post on these 2 here)

Sorry for crappy quality - I forgot my camera & had to use my phone

3. I finally got back into reading and finished 2 books and am starting my third.

4. Used some Elegant Touch express nails for the first time an it's love. Post to come soon

5. Finally spent my birthday boots gift card and got a Bourjois foundation & mascara I've wanted for a while and treated myself to some other bits as Vo5 was on offer in Tesco and Ive heard great things about this from Lush

6. New stationery

7. Finally started my wreck this journal with my new stationery

8. Joined the floral head band bandwagon and got some from Lvndr and they are so cute (post to come soon)

9. Finally convinced my brother to give me one of the Loom bands one of his many girls made because I felt left out.

10. Spent the day on the beach and messing about in the sea and it was so much fun

11. I finally have a decent tan (minus the tan line from my necklace)

12. Borrowed (stole) a Yankee candle from my Aunty as she had 3 of the same scent in a cupboard and about 7 more unopened. Shh she'll never know. Its my first full size one

13. I made a cake and the buttercream actually stayed inside instead of all pouring out like it normally does.

14. And last but definitely not least I FINALLY HAVE A DATE FOR MY SURGERY. I have gallstones and I get a lot of pain from them and I've been waiting for a date since January but had the problems for a few years before that. I met the anaesthetist and he was so lovely and I go in on the 24th July.

Cruel Justice - M A Cromley
The Fire Witness - Lars Kepler

Alexa Goddard Marilyn and Pretty Girls
The Vamps Somebody to you
Ed Sheerans new album but favourite song on it is Thinking Out Loud
Rizzle Kicks When I was a Youngster

Orange Is The New Black

M.E and Me - Chloe is a good friend from twitter and her blog is a must especially if you love nail polish. She always has gorgeous swatches. She's such a lovely person. Go check her out

Lauren's in Wonderland - I found this blog in a recent twitter chat and I love it. Beauty, book, film reviews and more. This blog has everything

Beauty on a Budget - This blog is also a twitter chat discovery and so glad I did. I mean who doesn't love beauty on a budget? Reviews and bargains.

How has your week been?


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