30 July 2014

Lip Care Essentials

I have the driest lips known to woman or mermaid. They crack constantly which isn't helped by me biting the skin when it peels but we'll pretend I don't do that because I'm a lady. Moving on, dry lips is not a great look when paired with lipstick especially bright colours and matte both of which I wear a lot. So here are my lip care essentials which give me nice, smooth lips to rock any lipstick I please (well the ones I own).

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.50

I absolutely love love lovve this product. It smells and tastes delicious (not that you're supposed to eat it). I treated myself to this at Christmas and I still have loads left so well worth the price. You get a bit on your finger and then rub it on your lips to get rid of dead skin and then the best can lick it off as it's perfectly safe to eat. If you are a lover of all things sweet then this is for you. They also have a popcorn and a mint flavour. Obviously you could make your own but I'm too lazy for that.

Old Toothbrush

Not the most fancy thing on the list but toothbrushes are great. Have a quick brush over your lips to buff away any dead skin and ta-da nice n smooth. Don't rub too hard is you have fragile skin like me as you will bleed and also your lips may tingle afterwards which is always fun

Balmi Cube Lip Balm £4.99

I adore this lip balm. Mainly because how cute is the packaging and the shape of the balm. Although my mum calls it a nipple. Not sure what kind of nipples she's seen but mine aren't that pointy. Anyways I digress again, this lip balm is nice and moisturising, the perfect shape for application and I don't have to reapply very often. I have the raspberry one and it smells amazing but you can get strawberry (also smells good) coconut (want to try next) and mint (gorgeous colour packaging). A little pricier than some lip balms but I only buy it when it's on offer.

Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter £2.10

If you're looking for a tin then I highly recommend this one, it's so nourishing and leaves my lips silky soft. Downside is it does apply quite pale, leaving me look a little ill for a minute until it sinks in and evens out but I can over look that. It smells gorgeous and is amazing.

Nuxe Reve De Miel £9.50

I couldn't ignore the blogger hype any more and when I saw it on Feel Unique for £6 a few weeks ago I couldn't say no. As my lips do get so dry and painful especially in winter I thought this was something I had to try and I'm so glad I did. It comes in a gorgeous glass pot and I can see it lasting a long time. It smells like honey obviously, which I didn't think I'd like as I'm not a massive fan of honey but it's actually not too bad. The balm is quite thick but doesn't feel heavy on the lips and oh my god it's so good. I normally put it on at night and wake up with beautiful lips.

What are your lip care essentials?


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