17 July 2014

Pillow Fort Magazine

You may have heard me talk about the Pillow Fort before but that may have been on my old blog, I can't remember. 

Basically The Pillow Fort is a group for young people with chronic illness started by Lizzy. It's to make chronic illness not be as crappy. It focuses on the positives instead of the negatives which is great as a lot of groups can bring you down which when you're young and have your whole life to look forward to isn't ideal. 

This brings me onto the magazine. It costs £3 and you get a digital copy in  pdf format which is so easy to read, especially on a tablet. The third issue has just come out and is all about self care. It has 48 pages full of positive articles, recipes, artwork and so much more. 

So if you're looking to inject some positivity into your life then I suggest you head on over to the pillow fort and buy the magazine. It is well worth £3. If you missed out on the first 2 you can also pick them up.

The Pillow Fort Magazine

On the Pillow fort site there is also a blog and a shop selling all sorts of cute things to make you smile when you're feeling crappy. There is also a facebook group which is great for chatting to others about anything positive no matter how small or silly it might seem. You can also find the pillow fort on twitter.

So if you fancy getting a magazine Click here to visit The Pillow Fort. 


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