10 July 2014

Blue Leopard Print Crutches

I bought some blue & purple leopard print duct tape ages and ages ago (I'm talking probably a year and a half) specifically to make my crutches look so amazing you can't help but stare but I never got around to it. 

Well I am pleased to say I finally got around to it and my crutches now look amazeballs. I hope you're jealous because you should be. 

On the positive side your crutches could soon look this awesome too. All you need is some patterned duck tape, scissors and a lil bit of patience (I struggled with this bit). The tape is from a company called Duck Tape (pretty cool name) and they have soo many patterns its tough to choose. I got mine from amazon and the prices vary but tend to be around a fiver, although mine has gone up to £8 now, and there's more than enough tape.

I did mine in the 3 different sections just measuring the tape on the crutches. No fancy rulers or anything required. 
I did my tape length ways because when I tried to just wrap it round like a bandage it bubbled and creased really badly. 
I needed two pieces for each section & just stuck the edge of the whole length of tape down and then pulled on the tape gently as I stuck the rest down to minimise bubbles and ta da awesome crutches.

It took me about 10mins tops to do one crutch because I got stuck to the tape and a lil bit tangled but you should be fine.

So what do you think? Am I gonna look snazzy or what and yes I did just say snazzy.

You can have
And so much more. So what are you waiting for go make your mobility aids look epic and if you do send me a picture 

I'm off to see what else I can customise with my left over tape


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