20 July 2014

Sunday Summary

I had a few really bad pain days this week that left me bed bound so I really need to find the positives to remind me it's not all bad. I didn't do anything exciting this week and I can't remember the last time I left the house so it's all little things this week but sometimes they make you smile the most.

1. I painted my nails with the Barry M limited edition nail paint that featured in my haul post a while ago and its so sparkly and blue and pretty and I love it.

2. Me and my family curled up on the sofa with blankets and had a film evening which was great. 

3. After being in bed all day ill on Wednesday my carer changed it while I had a shower so I got to crawl back into a gorgeous smelling bed all soft and cosy - nothing beats that feeling

4. Did a couple of pages in my wreck this journal and I'm really happy with them

5. I hit 1000 followers on twitter and 100 on my bloglovin profile and 75 on my actual blog bloglovin (I dont understand why there are 2 either)

6. My mum bought me a Frijj chocolate milkshake to make me feel better. Has to be the best choc milkshakes ever. 

7. I'm currently sat blogging whilst cuddling my Olaf teddy which is definitely making me smile

Getting my hair cut on Monday which I'm super excited about and may be ticking off something from my Summer Bucket List. Hopefully I can finish this damn lit review before Thursday. My concentration has been crappy due to the bad pain but I really want it done and out the way before my surgery. Fingers crossed. 

What small things made you smile this week?


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