1 July 2014

Chester Zoo & South West Live

I had an absolutely amazing weekend. On Saturday we went to Chester Zoo to meet up with some of my chronically awesome friends that I met on Twitter. The weather forecast looked horrible and we had to get up at 5am for the journey but we were all determined to meet so off we went. We had a bit of drizzle but that couldn't stop us from having a laugh. They are the most amazing, funniest group of people that I am proud to call my friends. We had wheelchair conga lines, jealousy over wheelies, so many innuendos and lots of laughs.

I saw baby elephants that were adorable, baby ducks that I was most excited about seeing and I really wanted to steal one. I desperately want a pet duck or monkey. You know either one would do.

I would highly recommend Chester Zoo for a day out in a wheelchair. There a plenty of disabled spaces and accessible toilets are dotted around the place. There is no where in the zoo you cant get to and it is definitely one of the best zoos Ive been to.

On Sunday we had another early start, jumped in the car and headed off to Western Super-Mare for South West Live. This has to be the best day of my Summer so far. The weather was gorgeous and the music was amazing. Me and my  brother went in our wheelchairs and had tickets for the wheelchair platform which was great. Only downside was the top people seemed to think they could get a lot more wheelchairs on it than in reality. Plus side was the staff that were in charge of the platform on the day were amazing and so helpful. We had our own disabled toilets next to the platform & one of the officials me & my brother nicknamed Toilet Ninja was stopping healthy people from using, filling & trashing the disabled toilet when they had their own.

We saw Alexa Goddard who I'm officially in love with, she is gorgeous, super lovely and so talented. She was incredible live. You should check out her new single 'Marilyn' here its so catchy. Then there was Rixton, Neon Jungle, Union J, Katy B, The Vamps, Rizzle Kicks, Jason Derulo and Jessie J. Rizzle Kicks were definitely my favourite and much wheelchair dancing was done, they had so much energy it was such an amazing atmosphere. Jessie J is so amazing live. I don't understand how she is so perfect at singing & dancing all at the same time. Jason Derulo and his backing dancers were top entertainment plus he got his abs out which is always a winner. My brother and I enjoyed taking the mick out of the Saturdays dance moves which were highly amusing and the same ones over and over with lots of hair flicking. A teenage boy imitating this is hilarious. The sun set over the sea was absolutely gorgeous and I was so pissed that I forgot to take my camera and my phone went flat but it was an incredible view.

Hands down one of the best experiences of my life and I would like to thank all the amazing officials who made mine and my brothers day so much easier.


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