8 January 2021

2020 Beauty Favourites

So this was supposed to be my first post back but I didn't have any photos sorted. As you can see I never mustered the energy to try and take photos of my makeup in the crappy winter lighting so I opted for a collage instead and actually had a lot of fun making it. Photos is normally what stops me from posting because it's hard work on my body so I think this might be the thing that actually gets me posting more. I'm going to do a mix of these kinds of images and actual photos when my body is cooperating. Here's to hopefully posting more than a handful of times in 2021. 

I thought my first post back would be the beauty products I reached for most last year. I mean I wore makeup a handful of times but these were the items I used and loved. I've finally got my skincare sorted so my makeup applies so much better and I enjoy it so much more. You can also see how my loves have changed by checking out my posts from - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019

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Collage of base makeup on a pink background with hearts and flowers.

1. IT Cosmetics CC Cream - I am still so in love with this CC Cream. I don't really bother with foundation because this gives me the coverage I need as well as a gorgeous healthy glow and works so well with my dry skin - Full Review

2. Real Techniques Makeup Sponge - I used to us the Primark version of a beauty blender which is like £1.50 for 2 sponges and it does the job adequately. However, lockdown meant I couldn't replace my horrendously disgusting sponge so I ordered this one online and I have to say I'm a convert. It's a lot softer and blends my base like a dream. 

3. RCMA Translucent Powder - I have super dry skin so I don't use this all over but I do have really oily eyelids. I use this before my eyeliner to stop any pesky transfer. This pot is going to last me forever and I haven't had any eyeliner transfer since I started using it. 

4. The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Instant Smoother - I started using this as a primer and I absolutely love it. It gives my skin a hit of hydration as well as smoothing it out. It gives such a lovely base for makeup and adds a bit of glow too. 

5. Fenty Highlighter Duo in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal - This made it to my favourites last year and honestly it is still my top highlighter. I own quite a few so I mix it up sometimes but I always come back to this one. It's just such a powerful and gorgeous glow. - Full Review -


Collage of favourite eye makeup on a pink background

1. Nyx Epic Ink Liner - I can't see myself ever using a different liner ever again. This is everything I look for. It's super black, has a really nice felt tip nib, is easy to use and doesn't dry out. The best part is it is the most long wearing eyeliner I have ever tried and I have tried a lot of eyeliners. I can sleep in this (I know I shouldn't but sometimes it can't be helped plus I love a nap) and wake up with still perfect wings. - Full Review of all the liners I own -

2. Body Shop Lash Hero Mascara - I never thought I would stray from my Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara but I am obsessed with this one from the body shop and it's cheaper. I'm always wary of a fibre mascara because my eyeballs are magnets for dust, mascara, eyelashes etc. But I kept seeing a friend wearing it on Instagram and her lashes looked amazing so I caved and tried it and I haven't looked back since. The fibres give my lashes more volume and they just look incredible. It would also be great if you have short lashes. 

3. Nyx Tinted Brow Mascara - I'm pretty lazy with my brows and just use a tinted mascara/gel. This one does the job well and keeps my unruly brows in check all day. The only downside is the wand is quite big. 

4. Suva Hydra FX Liners - I've resigned myself to the fact that I will always be crap at eyeshadow. Eyeliner though? that I can do. I love a double liner with a pop of colour and these SUVA liners are absolutely stunning. They are so bright and long lasting. They take a bit of getting used to to mix and apply but they are dreamy once on. I think the green is my favourite. 


Collage of lip products on a pink background

1. Fenty Liquid Lipstick - Still a huge fan of the Fenty liquid lipsticks. Undefeated is probably my most worn. They're not the longest wearing lipsticks but they are by far the comfiest matte lipsticks I have ever worn. - Full Review -

2. ABH Liquid Lipstick - If I'm wearing a matte liquid lip there is a 90% chance it is either Fenty or ABH. The ABH lipsticks are such a lovely formula and the shade range is pretty good. Plus they are comfortable and long lasting. - Full Review -

3. Fenty Gloss Bomb - I don't know when I became a gloss person but apparently it's who I am now. I have Fu$$y and Fenty Glow and I pretty much wear one or the other whenever I'm wearing makeup. I also whack it on when I'm naked faced just to feel a bit fancy and because they make my lips feel amazing. They also smell pretty damn good. - Full Review -

4. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Cinnamon Beige - If I'm going for a nude lip this is my go to with a gloss on top. It's comfortable and my perfect nude. 

5. Glossier Balmdotcom - I adore these lip balms and they have really been saving my lips this winter. I think my faves are the birthday cake and the cherry but I think there's a flavour for everyone. (Get 10% off using this code - I will get £10 credit)


Glossier You - I get so many compliments on this perfume. It smells so damn good and it's not as expensive as my usual perfume choices. I love it.  (Get 10% off using this code - I will get £10 credit)

What were your favourite Beauty products in 2020? 


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