10 February 2020

2019 Beauty Favourites

My favourite thing to reflect on in the new year is all the products I have loved. You can see all the products that I've loved through the years here - 2016 - 2017 - 2018. I scaled back on my base makeup this year but I am still a sucker for a good lipstick. I also found my all time favourite eyeliner which I will never part with.  So, here are the products I was constantly reaching for and absolutely loved throughout 2019.


Biore foam cleanser, nivea scrub, laniege lip mask, chamomile cleanser and glossier lip balm are on a stool with an ivy plant, books and jewellery


Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter - This is hands down the best cleanser I have ever tried. I don’t think I will ever use anything else ever again. It melts my makeup off, eyeliner, mascara, super matte lipstick. It all just melts off and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and not remotely dry or sore.

BiorĂ© Baking Soda Blemish Cleansing Foam - This cleanser has really cleared up my skin. It is great for when I’m going through a period of particularly bad breakouts. I only use it at night though as it can be a bit drying.

Nivea Urban Skin Detox Clay Mask, Scrub & Wash* - I love this scrub. I only use it a couple times a week but it works really well with my dry sensitive skin and is gentle enough to use daily. It can also be used as a 5 minute mask.

charcoal face mask, chia face mask, lip balm, lip mask and body shop moisturiser are on a stool with an ivy plant, books and jewellery


Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream - I have recently rediscovered The Body Shop skincare and it’s doing wonders for my skin. The Vitamin E range is great for dry skin and the gel one is my favourite. It sinks in beautifully and makes a great base for makeup.


Superdrug Charcoal mask - Charcoal masks are my favourite for when I’m breaking out. This one is my go to at the moment especially as it's affordable and cruelty free.

Organik Botanik Australia Chia Seed Face Mask - This mask smells a bit like play-doh but it really is hydrating. I can feel my skin drinking it up. I like to do it once a week to give my skin that little bit extra moisture.


Glossier Balm Dotcom - I am so late to the party with this but oh my god it is so good. It really hydrates my lips as well as smelling (and tasting) delicious. It also looks good on its own for no/minimal makeup days. Now I need at least 3 of the other scents

Laneige Sleeping lip mask - This stuff is incredible. I put it on every night because my lips are always dried and cracked because of my medication. I really notice if I forget to use it. It’s thick and creamy and just really nourishes my lips.


a variety of lipsticks, eyeliner, highlighter and primer
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IT Cosmetics CC Cream - I really struggle with foundation because my skin is so dry. However, this stuff really is worth the hype. It doesn’t crack on my scaly skin and gives me a really nice glow.

The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer - This primer is amazing but it smells grim. It just smells really chemically. It does really smooth your skin and gives a great base for makeup. It's not overly hydrating so I tend to use a hydrating primer too but it really is a great primer. If you can get past the smell. It's so good that it's the first primer I have ever repurchased.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal - If you want to really glow then you need this. It is the main highlighter I reach for. The left side is a more natural glow and then the shade on the right is in your face pure glow and it is absolutely beautiful


NYX Epic Ink Liner - This is the only black eyeliner I use. It has incredible staying power. Like 36 hours staying power. I know this because I have fallen asleep in it and then still had perfect wings the next day. Perfect enough that I was grim and didn’t bother redoing my makeup.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara - I wasn’t a massive fan of this when I first got it but once it had dried out a bit it is incredible. Unfortunately, I have now run out and its making using any of the other mascaras I own a bit sad. It gave such gorgeous volume and curl as well as lengthening.

NYX White Liquid Liner - If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I love a duo colour wing. This white looks so damn good against the black and it’s opaque in one swipe


Nyx lipglosses and the ordinary fluid primer

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Colour - I wasn’t sure about the Fenty liquid lipsticks to start with because they bleed like hell. But, with a lipliner they are great. They are however, the comfiest matte liquid lipsticks I have ever worn. They aren’t the longest lasting but they layer well and you don’t end up with any bunching and your lips don’t feel like they are going to crumble and fall off. My favourite is the dark purple (undefeated) but I also adore the black and the red ones.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick- These might be my favourite bullet lipsticks I have ever tried. I’m not normally a bullet lipstick person but Fenty was released in boots on my birthday and I fell in love with the purple shade and Griselda so I had to treat myself. The purple is one of my most worn lipsticks. The colour is gorgeous. It's opaque in one swipe and it really lasts.

a variety of lipsticks are on a stool with an ivy plant, books and jewellery

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Vintage - This was included in my 2018 favourites as well but it’s just such a good lipstick and an absolutely gorgeous colour.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick - If you haven’t tried these lipsticks yet you are missing out. By far my favourite drugstore liquid lipstick formula and definitely rivals 90% of the high-end lipsticks too. When they say superstay they mean superstay. The lasting power is incredible and they are so damn comfy.

NYX Butter Lip Gloss - Turns out I like lipgloss now and I am about 5 years behind because I am loving the NYX ones. Tiramisu and Praline are my go to. Also adore the Dose of Colors Mickey mouse on in One and Forever. Just love a glossy nude lip. Who even am I?


Juicy Couture Bowdacious - I am terrible at describing perfumes but this was my main go to in 2019. I mix my fragrance up a lot though and also love KvD Saint and Armani Code.


Essie Nail Polish - Yes I know, I am extremely late to the party. To be honest I only ever used Barry M and Rimmel nail polishes because they were cheap and I am so hard on my nails I didn’t see the point in splashing out. How wrong was I. These Essie polishes apply beautifully, the colours are gorgeous and they last for ages before they chip. Huge convert. Still only buying them when they’re on offer though. I’m not made of money. I obviously only have the dark colours atm because my nails always match my soul but maybe in summer, I’ll branch out to some brighter shades.

Elegant Touch Nails - If you follow me on Instagram you will know that whenever I have time off from wheelchair basketball I whack on some gorgeously long fake nails. I hate that I have to have stubby nails the majority of the time. My short fingers look so sad. Whilst I love Primarks bargain offerings and a huge choice of designs, Elegant touch still hold the key to my heart. They are sturdy, absolutely beautiful and hold up to my wheelchair spokes. I only get a couple ping off and I just stick em back on and carry on with my life. Another thing I only buy when on offer but they really are worth it.

nivea body moisturiser, nivea body mousse, sanctuary spa wet moisture miracle

Body Care

Nivea Body Mousse Moisturiser* - I had never tried a mousse formula moisturiser but I am definitely converted. I’m on my third can of this. I have never had such hydrated skin. It sinks in beautifully and doesn’t leave you slimy. It smells delicious and it really does leave your skin feeling hydrated for 48 hours.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Coconut & Monoi Oil - Nivea just really know how to do body moisturisers. This is another one that leaves my skin feeling amazing. It’s a bit lighter than the mousse but still leaves my skin feeling nourished and hydrated. It also sinks in super fast which is important to me because I hate feeling slimy and like I can’t get dressed straight away. The coconut scent is my absolute favourite and I love the pump dispenser which is easier for my crappy hands.

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle - In case you hadn’t worked it out I am all about moisture as my medications dry out my skin so bad. I picked this up when it was on offer not really knowing what to expect and now I am hooked. You put it on in the shower but after you have turned the water off. It’s like a leave in conditioner but for your skin. You rub it on to wet skin and then towel dry as normal and it really does make a difference. It’s great if I’m tired because it means I don’t have to faff about with moisturising after I’ve wrestled with getting dry.


aussi colour shampoo, batitste dry shampoo, garnier aloe hair mask

Aussie Shampoo - I normally just buy whatever is on offer because my hair is pretty hardy. However, it’s recently become really dry and obviously I want my colour to last as long as possible because who can be arsed to constantly re-dye it. This has made a big difference to my hair and leaves it feeling so soft and shiny.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Aloe 3 in 1 Mask - As I put my hair through a lot (all the colours and a shit load of dry shampoo) I like to treat it to a nice hair mask. This leaves my hair feeling like silk and it can be used in 3 ways.

Lee Stafford Cactus Crush Thirst Aid - Since having a hot tub my hair is getting dryer. This tube is absolute magic. It's really helped bring my hair back to life. I run some through my hair after a shower and it injects some much needed hydration.

colour freedom hair dyes in magenta dream and mystic purple

Colour Freedom Hair Dye - When I was pink I swore by Schwazkopff but their purple dye just didn’t take to my hair. I tried colour freedom on a whim and haven’t looked back. The purple is absolutely incredible. It’s so in your face bright. I have also tried the pink and turquoise which are both equally as bright and stunning. The turquoise fades quicker than the other two but apart from that, I love them all. I will have a full review up asap

What have been your must haves? Any products you've fallen head over heels for?


*I was kindly sent this product free of price, however, it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this post are independent and my own

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