6 February 2020

2019 Roundup

Well, this is extremely late. More than usual. Will I ever get a post up on time? I highly doubt it. However, part of it isn’t my fault. I moved house over Christmas (terrible idea, don’t ever do it) and I still don’t have wifi. The geniuses that re-plastered after the previous tenants fire decided to just plaster over the phone line so now I have no way of getting internet until that is sorted and OpenReach are shit at their job. I’m currently trying to survive off my phone data and am now at my parents to steal their wifi to finally get some posts scheduled.

I know these posts can make people feel a bit shitty about what they haven’t achieved, me included. However, I need to write this. I love to look back on things I did over the year, no matter how small. It makes me realise that I did more than I thought and it reminds me of the good things that did happen amongst the huge amounts of pain and many flares with copious naps and not leaving the house for days on end.

So 2019 was the year that

I had a change from pink and blonde and dyed my hair purple and blue and I never want to go back. It feels like my most natural colour yet

I discovered that I look great in blue or black lipstick and really perfected my winged liner.

I started posting more outfit photos and just more of me on Instagram which has really helped my confidence

I felt comfortable wearing crop tops and bikinis and even posted photos

a collage of 4 photos of beth. 1. Beth is wearing a big puffy grey coat 2. Beth is sat next to a christmas tree wearing a print shirt 3. Beth is sat in her wheelchair wearing a underwear set 4. Beth is leaning on a hot tub wearing a mismatched bikini

I rebranded my blog

I helped Curve to make their event more accessible and it felt so good to have people actually take on board your accessibility needs and make positive changes.

I posted about my biggest insecurity, my facial hair and connected with so many other people in the same position which helped me feel less alone.

I carried on tradition and got to spend my birthday with Charley and bought all the Fenty makeup

1. Beth and sarag are stood smiling both wearing checked shirts 2. Beth and Elle are sticking their tongues out 3. Beth, Jen and chloe are in a lift squashed by a laundry cart

I spent a week with my babe Sarah at her house and we chatted shit, shopped, ate all the delicious food and played with puppies.

I finally got to meet Elle after a billion years of friendship

I got to hang out with Chloe, Jen and Sam in Bristol

1. floral tattoo on beths left leg 2. an ankle bracelet tattoo and the words small and tasteful written on her foot 3. A floral forearm tattoo

I got 4 new tattoos and love every single one of them.

I fought my anxiety and went to a model call even though every part of me told me to just skip it.

I got a new wheelchair and Winnifred is such a babe

I wrote a post for Scope about smear tests

I got to meet Pippa, Chloe and Natasha at Naidex

1. a group of friends posing for a photo 2. A selfie of beth and chloe 3 & 4 Three friends posing for a photo

I met Imogen and went to my first ever Pride

I saw Muse

I got shared on Yours Instagram and got sent clothes from them which is huge as they are the main place I shop.

I moved house to be closer to my parents. It's also more accessible and I finally got to decorate it to look how I wanted.

I was a real life model at Curve Fashion Fest and still cannot get over the reaction. It was probably the most terrifying thing I did all year and I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent plus-size wheelchair users.

all 3 photos are of beth on the catwalk in her wheelchair in different outfits

But most importantly, it was the year that I fell more in love with myself. I became more comfortable with who I am and what I look like. I said goodbye to diets and fell back in love with clothes. I made some great memories with family and friends and I just enjoyed life regardless of my shitty body and the pain it threw at me.

Here's to 2020 


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