11 November 2019

Fenty Beauty Review

Fenty Beauty became available to buy in boots this year on my birthday. Obviously, this meant I had to treat myself. Since then I have amassed a pretty decent collection of mainly lipsticks. I just can't help it. I love a good lipstick. The bolder the better and Fenty really do deliver on bold colours. They also deliver on my other weakness. Gorgeous packaging. Seriously, have you ever seen prettier lipsticks? They just look so good on my dressing table. They are also cruelty-free so it would be rude not to.  

flatlay showing 3 tubes of liquid lipstick, a purple, red and neon pink as well as a tube of lipgloss

Uncensored - Perfect Universal Red
Unlocked - Vivid Neon Pink
Undefeated - Dark Sultry Purple

The Stunna lip paints are a long-wear matte liquid lipstick. The lightweight, soft matte formula is absolutely beautiful. Honestly, the colour payoff from these lipsticks is incredible. They really did mean it when they said it had one-stroke intensity. 

Unfortunately, these lipsticks do bleed/feather so I highly recommend using a liner with them. They also aren't the longest wearing liquid lipsticks I have tried. However, they more than makeup for it with how damn comfy they are. These are seriously the comfiest mattes I have ever worn. They also layer really well so it's not a big deal that they need topping up. 

And as if that wasn't enough the unrivalled precision wand is the icing on the cake. I have never used an applicator as good as this. The unique shape fits to the shape of my lips so well and it applies like a dream. Huge fan

Since taking the photos for this post I have also bought the black and will add swatch pics to this asap. 

3 swatches. top - bottom uncensored/red, unlocked/neon pink, undefeated/dark purple

The applicator of the liquid lipstick has a unique hourglass shape

Fenty Glow - Perfect Rose Nude

I've really fallen in love with glosses this year as they are just so easy to chuck on. The gloss bomb offers explosive shine in a shade that looks good on everyone. It contains shea butter to enrich and nourish your lips whilst making them look instantly fuller and smoother. It also has a peachy vanilla scent that is just delicious. It's super shiny and not overly sticky and the xxl wand makes application super easy. 

The lipgloss wand is extra large

Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick - £18 - £12.60

Hot Blooded - Juicy Candy Apple.

This is the one Fenty product that I'm just not fussed on. It doesn't help that the shade doesn't look great on me but I'm also not a massive fan of the formula. It's a satin lipstick that is supposed to offer a bold mouthwatering shade. It's ultra-creamy and smooth but I just find it too slippy. It ends up all over the place and the staying power is terrible even for a satin finish. I also found it applied quite patchy. 

Flatlay showing a duo highlighter and 3 lipsticks with their lids off

Lightning Dust - Soft Pearlescent Sheen
Fire Crystal - Supercharge Pearlescent Sheen

We all know I love a good highlighter and this may be my all time favourite. I literally cannot stop wearing it. It's a cream powder hybrid that melts into the skin and blends effortlessly. It's loaded with superfine shimmer for an ultra-smooth creamy texture and honestly, I adore it. It really does blend like a dream and it really packs a punch. 

Lightning dust offers a slightly more subtle glow and then Fire crystal lets you be seen from space. I tend to reach for Fire Crystal more because I can't resist an intense glow but they are both absolutely beautiful. The packaging is super sturdy too so it's great to travel with. It's pretty much the only highlighter I use at the moment. 

Highlighter swatches. top is lightning dust and bottom is fire crystal. They are pearlescent

Violet Fury - Vivid Purple
Griselda - Bold Burgundy 

I'm not normally a bullet lipstick kinda girl but I am obsessed with these. I got sucked in by Griselda because it's a very me shade and then I couldn't leave Violet Fury behind because it matches my hair so perfectly. 

These ultra slim lipsticks have a long wearing, petal soft matte finish. The weightless, colour intense creamy formula is super comfy and lasts amazingly well for a bullet lipstick. The colour payoff is incredible with just one swipe as well. They do wear after eating/drinking but they top up well. If you don't like a super matte lip then I definitely recommend checking these out. 

I love them so much that I ordered 2 more whilst getting the links for this post. Swatches and selfies to come. 

Swatches of lipstick on an arm. Top to bottom is Hot blooded/red, violet fury/purple, Griselda/burgundy, Fenty Glow/nude gloss

To finish, here are a handful of selfies showing off a few of the shades. I think my top 3 lip colours would have to be 1. Griselda 2. Undefeated and 3. Uninvited or maybe Violet fury. Dammit, it's too hard to choose. Either way, I am a huge fan of these lipsticks and even though they may not last the longest they are just so damn comfortable and they look amazing on.

A grid of five selfies of Beth wearing a different lipstick in each one.

Top Row L-R - Uninvited - Violet Fury
Bottom Row L-R - Griselda - Unlocked - Undefeated

What is your favourite Fenty Beauty product?
What do I need to try next?


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