12 January 2018

2017 Beauty Faves

Starting the year as I mean to go on...late with my favourites. I thought I'd write up my 2017 beauty favourites to share with you, you can also check out what I loved in 2016 here. It was meant to go up last week but unfortunately, 2018 has just consisted of a massive headache so far. I am on day 12 of a damn cluster headache that I can't seem to shake. I have finally managed to get this post finished though so after a bit of a delay here are the beauty products that stood out in 2017

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - I am currently trying to find a cruelty free replacement for when my tub runs out and I hate that I love this so much. If you read my post on how Clinique ruined my skin you will know that I don't get on very well with their products. However, I haven't found anything that takes off my makeup as efficiently as this balm. The body shop balm is nice but it is harder to wash off than this one. Lush Ultrabland is also great at taking my makeup off but it just sticks to my skin at takes ages to wash off. This one just melts off and rinses away. If you have any cruelty free alternatives let me know.

Nip+Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot - (Full Review) - I honestly cannot imagine my life without this product. I am running low and desperately waiting for them to be on offer because I can't bring myself to spend £24 on them. They are definitely worth it though, I'm just poor. I have the worlds driest skin. Think desert dry. I mix a few drops of this with my moisturiser at night and then when I wake up my face doesn't feel like it's going to crumble off. I went a couple weeks without them and my face has never felt so grim. A little bit goes a long way as well so they may be pricey but they last for a while.

Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm - There's a theme here but as well as a super dry face my lips are forever trying to crack. I have to apply lip balm so many times throughout the day. I absolutely adore this carmex one. It means I can actually get away with only applying lip balm twice a day and still be comfortable. It's so moisturising. I'm not a fan of the original though, strawberry or cherry is where it's at.

Armani Code For Women Perfume - I am very nearly out of this gorgeous scent and I may actually cry. It smells absolutely heavenly but I haven't quite got enough boots points for a new bottle. I switch between 3 perfumes at the moment but this has definitely been my most worn this year. I am so in love with it. Plus how beautiful is that bottle?

So this year my skin has been pretty horrendous moisture wise. Every time I wear foundation it cracks and makes me look like I have scales. It just sits horrendously and looks gross. This means that I have cut way back on the makeup I wear. My standard makeup now is a fierce wing, mascara, highlighter because a girls gotta glow and lipstick. So my 2017 faves are just going to include my favourites of those because I haven't worn enough of anything else to choose a fave. I think I might finally be getting a decent skincare routine that works so hopefully I will be able to wear foundation again soon and not look like death. If you have any foundation recommendations for super dry skin let me know.

Illamasqua Precision Ink Liner in Abyss - (Full ReviewAnyone who knows me knows that I am a huge eyeliner fan. If I am wearing makeup there is a 99% chance I will have winged liner. I have tried a few and am still trying to find my holy grail but for now, I am a huge fan of this one. I think Illamasqua is an amazing brand and I definitely love this liner. The nib is perfect for getting a sharp wing and it's super black, the only downside is it dries glossy but it doesn't really bother me. It is beyond long-lasting. I wore it for 38 hours once (day out before travelling to France) including a lot of naps and it always stays put.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Intense Black - I picked this up because I am a huge fan of felt tip style liners. They're definitely my preferred type because you have more control and they're normally easier to hold. This one is super black and gives a gorgeous wing. It's not quite as long lasting as the illamasqua one but it definitely has great staying power. My only issue with it is it seems to kinda dry out and I have to draw on the back of my hand to get enough ink into the nib to get super sharp wings.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara - (Full Review) - This is hands down my favourite mascara. I don't think I will ever replace it. It is literally everything you want from a mascara. It's super black, it lengthens and curls my lashes beautifully but my favourite part is the volume. I have never had a mascara give me the amount of volume that this one does. I am always being asked if I'm wearing falsies or getting compliments on my lashes and it's all because of this bad boy. Smashbox I salute you. It also doesn't flake into my eyeballs which is always a major plus.

GOSH Lumi Drops in Vanilla - I picked this up on a whim one day and I am so glad I did. They are actual drops of heaven. Vanilla is such a gorgeous champagne kind of shade. It blends beautifully and you can get a subtle glow or build it up. It also provides the perfect base for a powder highlight if you want an extra glow. They are just perfect for my dry skin. Plus a little bit goes a long way and the little bottle is too cute.

Tarte PRO glow to go palette highlighter in Gleam - The shade Gleam from this palette is a gorgeous pearl highlight and it is probably my most used highlight ever. It applies like a dream and it just looks stunning. I cannot get enough of it.

Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipstick - (Full ReviewI couldn't pick a favourite shade of lipstick so I thought I'd pick fave brands. The Smashbox liquid lipsticks are definitely a favourite. They are hands down the best lipsticks to apply. The shape of the applicator makes getting a defined line without a lip liner super easy. The shape of the wand just fits my lips so well and it just glides on. They are more of a thicker mousse-like texture which is opaque in one swipe even with the darker shades. The lasting power is pretty damn good and they aren't drying. I currently have Bawse (absolutely stunning red - top), Girl Gang (gorgeous berry/plum - bottom) and Disorderly (deep brick red - not pictured)

Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick - (Full review) - My biggest collection of liquid lipsticks is from Dose of Colors. I currently own 9 shades. The day they started being stocked on Beauty Bay was the best day of my life. They aren't even badly priced. There is so much choice and I am pretty sure there is a shade for everyone. I have nudes, bright and dark and I adore them all. The pigmentation is incredible. The staying power is also amazing and they aren't particularly drying. Stone is my absolute favourite nude (top) and mood is my go to darker brownish red (middle), then Kiss of Fire is my all time favourite bright neon red (bottom).

What were your absolute favourite products of 2017?


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