1 January 2018

Reflecting on 2017

I can't believe Christmas is over and it's a brand New Year. Safe to say I'm getting old. I can't imagine anything worse than getting dressed up to go out in the cold to go somewhere overcrowded and overpriced, so I saw in the New Year in bed with a cuppa.

I've been seeing everyone's 2017 highlights on instagram stories and twitter and whilst it's lovely seeing all the amazing things people have done this year it seems to have got me down a bit. I haven't really accomplished much this year and there haven't really been any major occasions.

I thought I would do a list of some of the things I have done this year to remind myself of the good things that have happened. Some of them are kind of small but I'm still proud of them.

- Finally got the tattoos I have been saying I would get since I turned 18 including a matching one with my mum. I'm in love and will definitely be getting more in 2018

- Got some plants and haven't killed them off...yet. Although one of them is looking a bit sad.

- Discovered that I love playing wheelchair basketball, actually improved my playing and made some amazing friends. Don't love the early mornings on a weekend though

- I bought a new sports chair and it's amazing and so comfy and I just love it.

- Our Womens league team was promoted.

- I'm almost dairy free. It's just little things like the occasional chocolate and things you don't think have milk in but weirdly do that I need to get rid of this year. My skin looks so much better for it though and my stomach is much happier.

-  Only had to go to A&E once, maybe twice (I think). May actually be a record.

- My mental health has probably been the best it's been in a long time and my physical health has been pretty consistent.

- Had some amazing times with my family

- Survived another year

So just remember that life isn't a highlight reel. Those people who are letting you see the amazing things they have been up to this year have more than likely also had some shit days. You don't have to compare your life to everyone else's and just surviving this year is enough. You're doing amazing and I hope you have a fabulous 2018.


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