23 December 2017

December 2017 Favourites

I actually have a favourites post this month and it's even a tad early. I'm still not really wearing makeup much and if I do it tends to just be eyeliner, mascara, highlighter and lipstick. I do have my favourite highlighter, lipsticks and eyeliner for you though. I will also have my all time favourite beauty products from the whole of 2017 for you soon. So here's what I've been loving this month

December 2017 Favourites
Bravura First Cleanse Oil

In the black friday sale I purchased a full skincare routine from Bravura. I will have a full review up in the New year but for now I decided to just pick one product to include in my favourites. Out of everything I bought this was the product I was most unsure about to start with. I normally prefer a cleansing balm over an oil and this one smells weird. However, it takes me makeup off effortlessly and leaves my face beautifully clean without drying it out. I am in love and now have a cruelty free replacement for my Clinique take the day off balm.

Gosh Lumi Drops in Vanilla

I am absolutely obsessed with these at the moment. They blend beautifully and give such a gorgeous glow. If I want my highlight to be seen from space they are buildable or provide the perfect base for Tarte Gleam (my other favourite highlight).

December 2017 Favourites

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

I still haven't found my holy grail liquid liner but I am loving this one. My twin Sarah told me I needed this so obviously I had to get it. If she says I need something I need it and she was right about this eyeliner. It's nice and black and definitely waterproof. My eye was streaming the other night and I kept rubbing it. I expected to find my eyeliner everywhere but my wings were fine, it was just my mascara that had smudged. The pen style makes getting a fierce wing pretty easy. So why is this not my holy grail? My only issue with it is that the pen seems to dry out as you're using it and I have to scribble it on my hand to get more ink into the nib so that I can get wings sharp enough to kill a man. That is literally my only issue with it. I adore everything else about it. Let me know your holy grail liquid liners.

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Hypno (Full Review Here)

I am in love with a darker bold lip at the moment. I cannot get enough of them. I bought this one ages ago and have recently fallen back in love with it. I wear it at every opportunity. I forgot how amazing the formula is and how comfortable it is to wear. If you love a burgundy lip then you need this one. Unfortunately I am scraping the bottom of the tube on this one.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Ricco (Full Review Here)

Staying on the theme of darker lipsticks I have also recently rediscovered Stila Ricco. It's a gorgeous dark red and applies so beautifully. I am running low though so I will probably need to purchase a full size soon.

I am aware that the swatches look very similar. They are very similar shades. Hypno is slightly more brown though and Ricco is more red toned.

burgundy liquid lipstick swatches

Hot Water Bottle

In winter I am permanently attached to my hot water bottle. My ribs do not cope well with the cold weather and get all inflamed and make it beyond painful to breathe. My trusty Polar bear (named Poley Poley) hot water bottle is dying and leaking a bit. I've bought a few others but they don't hold their heat very well. This one from boots is hands down the best hot water bottle I have ever tried. I will fill it at night and when I go to re fill in the next night (24 hours later) it is still warm. If you need a hot water bottle that stays warm for a decent amount of time I definitely recommend this one. Plus the cover is super soft.

Candy Cane Tea* (Full Post here)

I was kindly sent a huge package of tea and I think the Candy Cane tea is probably my favourite. I don't think I have ever loved a tea as much as this one. It is so damn delicious and I never want to run out. If you love mint tea then you definitely need to check this one out. Plus how cute is that tin?

December 2017 Favourites

TK Maxx Mug

I saw this on someones instagram and found out it was from TK Maxx. I had kind of made peace with the fact that I probably wouldn't find them when I spotted 2. I got the turquoise and pink one and they are hands down my favourite mugs. They are absolutely beautiful and the perfect size for a decent cuppa.

Personalised Sterling Silver Toggle Bracelet

Another Black Friday purchase. This bracelet should be £40 and I managed to snag it for the grand total of £16. Absolute bargain. I love toggle bracelets and this one is so pretty. I also got it personalised with Ohana. I don't think I have taken it off since I got it (except to shower and play basketball). I am now fully in love with the Lisa Angel site.

blue and gold specked mug

What were your favourites this month?

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas


*I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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