6 December 2017

What I've Watched Recently

I was going to do a November favourites post and then realised that I haven't worn enough makeup to have a favourite. My skincare has also just had a huge overhaul but I haven't been trying it long enough to have favourites yet. I don't really have any exciting monthly favourites this month so I thought I would write about what I've been watching recently instead. I don't seem to be at home very often at the moment but when I am I love nothing more than a good TV show binge.

TV show recommendations
= Castle

I can't believe I have never watched Castle before. I am obsessed. I've been watching this for the past couple of months and I'm now on series 7 out of 8. I kinda don't want it to finish and then I kinda do just so I can watch some more of my Netflix to watch list. I think the earlier seasons were better but I am still hooked. I've heard the ending isn't great though so I have that to look forward to.

Castle is a mystery writer who shadows Becket, a detective at the NYPD, to get inspiration for a new character. Somehow he ends up becoming part of the team and they work together to solve cases. I am in love with Castles mum, she's hilarious. There are so many amazing characters and I think I love them all. If you are a crime show fan then you need to give this a watch. You get the crime but you still get a laugh.


I bought the boxset of this on DVD (old school) probably over a year ago. I got it to watch when I didn't have internet when I first moved in to my house but then I ended up so busy I never got to watch it. I've finally started watching it and I'm a little bit in love with Nikita. She's so damn gorgeous and totally badass.

Nikita was taken out of prison and forced by a covert unit of the government to be an assassin. She then escaped and, after a three-year hiding period, is back to bring down the organisation with the help of a new recruit she planted inside. This is an action packed tv series with a lot of corruption, murder and espionage and I'm hooked. Unfortunately there are only 4 seasons but you gotta take what you can get.

Code Black

I started watching this to fill the Greys Anatomy shaped hole in my heart. It's back now though so my heart is whole again, but likely to be broken soon knowing Shonda. I love a good medical drama. It makes me feel like I could actually be a Doctor. I totally diagnose patients correctly a solid 60% of the time which is probably the same success rate my doctors have with me so...

Anyway Code Black is based in an overcrowded and understaffed emergency room in LA. It follows 4 first year residents and their colleagues. I'm not quite as invested in this as Grey's but it's pretty good. The medical stuff is always gritty and they have their fair share of extreme accidents. You also get to keep up with the dramatic lives of the doctors including love and drugs. There has also been a stabbing. I'm only on the last few episodes of the first season but I will definitely be finishing it soon.

TV show recommendations

The Night Shift

Another medical drama I watched to fill the Greys Anatomy hole and now I have a Night Shift hole in my heart. I was so devastated when I finished the 4th series and found out that it had been cancelled. How could they do this to me? I need to know what happens with everyone's lives especially TC and Jordan. I'm way too invested in those doctors lives.

The series follows the overnight shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. There's the usual medical issues and a lot of extreme situations. Y'know the usual explosions, shootings, fires, crashes etc. The doctors always seem to be going into ridiculously dangerous situations. They never follow the rules and they are all badass. If you love medical dramas with a lot of drama then you need to watch this but don't blame me when you want to cry that it's over. Speaking of crying this show also has a tendency to melt my icy heart and I cried so many tears at some episodes especially a certain death. It broke my heart.


I've only recently started to watch this after seeing so many people rave about it. I love crime shows and needed something to make up for the lack of criminal minds (also back yay). I mean it's a bit of a weird one with the guy who helps to solve crimes also being a mass murderer but it's good and I think I like it. I'm only on episode 4 so far though.

Dexter is a forensic technician specialising in blood spatter pattern analysis for the Miami Metro Police Department, who leads a secret parallel life as a vigilante serial killer, hunting down murderers who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system.

If you have any more TV show recommendations leave me a comment. Always looking for new shows to binge.


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