30 November 2017

Native Super Crema Coffee Beans

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge coffee addict. I am a raging bitch if I don't get a cup of the good stuff first thing in the morning. I inherited the need for coffee to flow through my veins from my dad. I used to hate hot drinks. The day I discovered coffee at uni was my dads proudest moment. 

Native Super Crema Coffee Beans
When I was asked if I wanted to try out some of the Native Super Crema Coffee Beans* I'm not sure who was more excited, me or my dad. Unfortunately for me, I don't own a coffee grinder so my dad seems to have ended up with all the coffee and I only get to drink it when I go to my parents house. I keep meaning to get him to grind some for me to bring home but never remember.

Native coffee beans are selected from around the world then rigorously screened and roasted to produce an amazing flavour. The Native Super Crema coffee is a multi-origin blend that is Full-bodied, rich with flavour and carefully balanced with some sweet caramel notes and subtle hints of hazelnut. It is honestly some of the best coffee I have ever tried. It's full of flavour and manages to be strong without being overpowering and bitter as well as a being a bit nutty.  It has definitely become my most reached for coffee. I just love it. I'm trying to cut down on how much money I spend in coffee shops and between this, my coffee machine and my Vonshef milk frother all my coffee needs are met.

Native Super Crema Coffee Beans
At £9.95 for a kg bag this is also super reasonably priced. Yes you read right. A kg of coffee is less than £10. Unfortunately postage from Logic Vending is £6. I think in total with tax it comes to £17 something but considering a kg of coffee beans from Whittards is £30+ this still makes it a huge bargain. With 6 types to choose from I will definitely be buying some more when I finish this bag. I feel like this will be the only place I buy coffee from from now on.


*I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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