17 November 2017

Bio Essence 24K Gold

You've probably seen this brand on instagram a few times. Bio Essence 24k Gold has recently started being sold in Superdrug and I've kindly been sent a few pieces to try. The range is infused with flakes of 24k gold which is apparently a super antioxidant. It claims to effectively block free radicals to help skin defy signs of ageing. It does this by promoting blood and oxygen circulation to improve the skins metabolism. The 24K gold range also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which helps keep skin firm and youthful. The range was designed to help combat dry & dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Bio Essence 24K Gold
Bio Essence 24K Night Cleanser

Bio Essence 24K Night Cleanser* £12.99 Currently £8.65

I love a good cleanser. There is nothing better than going to bed with a squeaky clean face. First of all can we talk about how pretty this sparkly gold cleanser is? It's a nice, gentle cleanser which is perfect for my skin that can be a bit sensitive. You add water to it in your hands and then lather it up. It washes off really easily which is perfect for me as I can be super lazy when it comes to washing my face. A little bit also goes a long way so it's definitely going to last a while.

 It removes daily pollutants & clears pores of stubborn residue. It also says it recharges dull and tired skin. Now my skin is forever dull and tired and this definitely helps. It leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft with a nice glow. It's definitely nourishing and helps retain moisture which is essential for my super dry skin. This luxurious cream cleanser is a rich creamy texture full of antioxidants and it feels super high end.

 Bio Essence 24K Gold Night Cream

Bio Essence 24K Gold Night Cream* £23.99 Currently £15.95

A good night cream is extremely important for my scaly skin. Waking up with some moisture in my skin is essential when it comes to applying my makeup. This cream promises to renew and restore radiance to the skin by recharging the skin with the nutrients it needs after a long day. It stimulates skin renewal to restore younger looking skin whilst intensively nourishing and moisturising to prevent dryness and lines.

This honestly leaves my skin feeling amazing. It's so nice and soothing to apply and sinks in beautifully to leave me with a youthful glow. It makes my face instantly feel 10x better. My skin still feels soft and moisturised when I wake up in the morning. Plus I feel fancy af applying gold flakes to my face.

 Bio Essence 24K Gold Night Cream
This range is a tad pricier than some of the other skincare brands on superdrug. However, it feels super luxurious, the packaging looks good on my dressing table and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. I desperately want to try the bio water and the miracle finisher next and the day cream. I desperately need a good day cream.

What are your fave skincare brands?


*I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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