8 November 2017

VonShef Electric Milk Frother And Warmer

This may be the best thing I have purchased this year. I have never been so excited for an email from Tesco to tell me my order was ready to pick up. As we all know I love coffee. Pretty much any type of coffee (except that cheap nasty shit). However, I am a huuuge latte fan. Since having to give up dairy I was struggling to get my latte fix. Starbucks and Pret do delicious coconut milk lattes but I only have costas near me and they only stock soya milk. I hate soya milk. I even looked at getting one of those pod coffee machines but most of the tasty pods to go in them are milk based and contain a lot of sugar.

VonShef Electric Milk Frother And Warmer
I saw some people on instagram raving about their nespresso milk frothers but I could not justify £60 on something to warm my milk. Then I found this beauty on the Tesco Site for £24.99 (It was on offer - it's now £29.99). Now £25 is still a lot of money to warm my milk but whenever I try and microwave it I always over do it or get cold patches. This is just so easy. They also have a copper one but it's pricier so I decided to settle for boring old silver.

VonShef Milk Frother

The VonShef Electric Milk Frother And Warmer warms milk to the perfect latte/cappuccino/hot chocolate temperature in just a few seconds, 65℃ to be precise. It also has a frothing setting and it can froth cold milk so you can have delicious frothy milkshakes. Perfect for all your milky drink needs (dairy free or not). I have also used it to heat up my Oatly chocolate milk and oh my god it was dairy free hot chocolate heaven. It is also super easy to clean thanks to it's non stick coating. Plus it's light enough for me to lift with my crappy hands.

Dairy free caramel latte

This lil beauty has changed my dairy free life for the better (maybe a tad dramatic). I'm writing this whilst sipping on a coconut milk cinnamon latte and I could not be happier. I feel so cosy and autumnal right now. I'm also a little bit addicted to caramel lattes made with the sweet freedom choc shake caramel. Next thing to buy is all the syrups. I'll never need to go to a coffee shop again.

I honestly don't think I have loved a purchase as much as this one. The only downside is that I now drink way more lattes than is probably healthy but they're just so damn delicious.

What are your favourite hot drinks?

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