9 March 2020

Dying My Hair With Colour Freedom

First off I would like to apologise for the sheer amount of pictures of my face in this post. There were just so many colours to show off. If you know me then you will know that I feel most me with bright hair. It all started many years ago with a pink dip dye that soon became all over in your face pink. I switched between pink and blonde for a few years and then I discovered purple. It is hands down my favourite colour to be. I do however mix it up by adding pink or blue.

When I was pink I used the Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights in Shocking Pink. You can check out my retro post from 5 whole years ago to see some terrible quality photos of baby faced me with long pink hair. They do have a purple dye but it didn't take to my hair very well and turned pink after one wash which is why it took me so long to actually go purple.

After reading mixed reviews I took the plunge and picked up the Colour Freedom dyes. The first time I bought them they were out of purple so I mixed Truly Blue and Pink Pizazz. I found Pink Pizazz more red toned then I was expecting but they mixed beautifully and I was soo happy with the results. It also faded out to a gorgeous dark blue and then turquoise (picture below shows how the colour changed). It was so much fun to see it change every time I washed my hair. I never knew what I was going to end up with next.

Since then I mainly use Mystic Purple and then do some sections with Magenta Dream or Tropical Aqua depending on how we feel on the day. My mum does my hair most of the time and we like to use the whack it on wherever and hope for the best. It has an extremely high success rate if you ignore the dye in the eye incident.

4 photos showing the way beths hair changed colour after washing

I thought it had faded to blue the first time because I had used more of the blue than the pink but I was in luck because Mystic purple fades just as beautifully. Honestly, it's quite the journey getting to watch it change colours. Most of the bad reviews that I read were the fact that it went blue eventually but I actually love it. It means I get longer between dyes because it looks so pretty as it fades and it means I get a whole spectrum of colours from one dye job.

Another common theme in the bad reviews was the fact that it isn't semi-permanent. The box says it lasts 6-10 washes but that is definitely not true. Obviously, this is another massive selling point to me as a permanent bright-haired person but I imagine it's not a great discovery if you only wanted cool coloured hair for summer. Before my most recent dye, I hadn't coloured my hair for 3 months but I was still getting compliments and it still looked great. It was just a pale turquoise instead of bright purple. I typically go 2-3 months between colouring because I am lazy af. My hair does hold onto colour really well though and it also lifts well so when I get my roots bleached it takes out all the blue so I know I could go back blonde if I wanted to. However, some people did find that it stained their hair.

6 photos of beth showing her with various colour hair including pink, purple and blue

These dyes also leave my hair feeling great. They contain shea butter and argan oil so they are super conditioning and my hair always feels beautifully soft and actually smells nice after dying.

Onto price. At £6.99 compared to Schwarzkopf's £5.49, I thought it was going to make upkeep more expensive but the tube is so much bigger so it goes a lot further (and the colour definitely lasts longer). Obviously, I have shorter hair than I did back then but it is still extremely thick. As I mix colours I'm not sure exactly how much I do use but a tube definitely did my whole head when it was down to my shoulders.

I can't see myself moving away from these dyes any time soon. They are by far my favourite to use. I also can't see myself being blonde again any time soon. I may play around with more blues next time though. Who knows?

What would be your dream hair colour?


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