27 February 2019

Dose of Colors Mickey Collection

Two of my favourite things in life are lipstick and Disney. So when I saw that my absolute favourite lipstick brand was releasing a Disney collection I was so excited. If you've seen my Dose of Colors collection post you will know that I own a fair few of their matte liquid lipsticks and love them. I have wanted to try their satin lipsticks for a while but could never decide on a shade. As soon as I saw the Mickey collection though I fell in love with 2 out of the 3. 

flatlay showing 3 lipsticks. Top is a nude gloss in a clear tube, middle a nude lipstick in a black tube, bottom a deep berry in a black tube
How beautiful is this packaging? I am definitely a fan of the black and gold. The only thing I don't like about the lipsticks is that is the lowest the bullet goes into the tube. They don't wind down any further. I don't know why they went with this design because now I am constantly terrified that I'm going to snap them or gouge them with the lid. I'm too clumsy to be trusted with this kind of responsibility. The lids click on nice and tight though so hopefully they won't fall off and make a mess of my bag.

Dose of Colors Mickey Collection Gold & Black packaging

Dose of Colors Lip Glosses are a shiny, non-sticky formula with a smooth finish. Each shade can be worn alone or layered over lipstick. The colour payoff of these glosses is incredible. I have the rose shade from their original line and it's so beautiful. They are one of my favourite gloss formulas as they aren't remotely sticky. Plus they smell delicious

One and Only - A Hot Cocoa - This is my perfect brown toned nude. It's gorgeous. It also works layered with so many of my nude matte liquid lipsticks when I want something less drying and more comfortable. I wasn't a gloss person until I tried DOC and now I'm hooked. The only downside is getting your hair stuck to your face.

Mickey lip Collection swatches left is the nude called forever, middle is a deep berry called infinite and right is a nude gloss called one and only
The satin lipsticks have a matte-creamy finish with a unique shape for smooth application. I absolutely adore the bullet shape. It makes it so easy to apply. The bullet also has a Mickey imprint in the top. It was so sad to use it and ruin it. They're a bit hard on first application, but once they warm up they glide on. The colour payoff is so good for a satin finish and the lasting power is better than I expected. The formula is super comfortable to wear.

Forever - A cool brown nude - I'm not sure I would say this is a cool brown, it has a slight peachy undertone. However, it is a beautiful nude and I guarantee I will be wearing it to death throughout summer. I adore pairing it with the One & Only gloss as well. They just work so well together.

Infinite - A deep blackberry - We all know how I feel about a darker bold lip. I absolutely adore this colour. Deep blackberry is probably one of my favourite shades to wear. Considering this is a darker shade and a creamy matte finish, the colour payoff is incredible. I do use a lip liner with it but it applies really well.

Two selfies. I have pink hair, winged eyeliner, gold hoops and a khaki hoodie. On the left I am wearing a dark berry lipstick. On the right I am wearing a nude lipstick

In the picture on the left I am wearing Infinite and on the right, I am wearing forever with One and Only on top. How naked do my eyes look without eyeliner? I can't remember the last time I did my makeup without a wing. I also desperately need to dye my hair but I'm kinda loving the weird faded out pink. Can you believe that I haven't dyed it since Christmas Eve? I swear my hair has magical properties.

What is your go-to lipstick shade?


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