13 February 2019

Buying from Small Businesses

I have been loving buying from friends and small businesses recently. With Etsy, Instagram and twitter it makes it so easy to find people selling gorgeous items. I've got quite the collection at the moment and manage on buying a lot more from smaller businesses this year. I thought I'd share who I've been buying from recently. We've got prints, jewellery, candles and more exciting things. 

ATinyMew Magpie Print 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how damn incredible this print is? This girls art is truly incredible. I've linked her shop but I highly recommend following her on Instagram to keep up with all of her work. I actually have 2 of these prints because one magpie is way too unlucky but I haven't worked out the best place to display them yet. Plus I still haven't got around to sorting frames for them yet. I still admire them on a daily basis though.

Welsh Girl Problems Bore Da Bitches Mug 

I love a good mug. You can never have too many (my cupboards may disagree). A good slogan mug is even better, especially if it's in Welsh. For anyone who can't speak Welsh, it translates to Good morning Bitches and it just makes me smile every time I use it. I still desperately want a Tywysoges (princess) jumper as well.

Moonlight Melts - Full Post 

I used to only burn candles but Moonlight melts got me hooked on wax melts. I was sent some to review and then instantly went and bought about 6 other scents. I am addicted. The scents are incredible, they smell delicious and they really last. My house has never smelled so good.

Roses + Whiskey Jewellery

Roses + Whiskey - Druzy Hoops - Opalite Arrow Head (rose quartz) - Raw Cut Amethyst

If you saw my Full post a while ago, you will know that I absolutely adore Roses + Whiskey jewellery. Jessica is an absolute babe and one of the nicest people ever. She has worked so damn hard that she's managed to quit her office job to follow her crystal filled dream and make beautiful jewellery for us. If you're looking for a specific kind of crystal or one that does a specific job then definitely give Jessica a message and she will hook you up. I definitely recommend following along on Instagram to make you want to spend all your money as well.

Black Heart Creatives Moon Earrings

Black Heart Creatives Earrings

Black Heart creatives is a laser cut acrylic jewellery company and if you love statement jewellery then I highly recommend checking them out. There's a huge array of choice with a massive selection of jewellery that you can personalise to say whatever you want. The quality is incredible and these iridescent moon earrings are just amazing. I adore them.

JessicaJade Bookmarks

Jessica Jade Designs - Mermaid Bookmark - Sleep is Good Bookmark

I was the kind of person that just used whatever random scrap was near me as a bookmark. I was forever using empty pill packets to mark my page. When I saw these on Jessicas Instagram I knew I needed them. They're so beautiful. She has the biggest selection of gorgeous designs. Check out her Instagram as well for books and beauty, my two favourite things.

Witch cake candle and artful press mouse mat

The Artful Press Mousepad

So we all know I'm super clumsy. Well, I recently threw a full cup of tea all over my desk and my old pastel pink mouse mat absorbed about 75% of it. It was a mess. I decided to head to Etsy for a browse and instantly fell in love with this beauty. Seriously, how bloody gorgeous is that? She has so many different beautiful designs and the colours are so vibrant in person. Such great quality, I highly recommend.

Witch Cake Athena Candle

I've followed Holly for a while and when she started making Vegan, 100% soy wax spell candles I obviously had to buy one. I cannot resist a candle let alone one that would help with my motivation.

"Holly's candles are based on her love for Hellenistic witchcraft and Greek goddesses; each one comes in a large 12oz jar and has unique stones and crystals at the bottom so that you can continue your magic. The scents are woven out of 100% essential oils, no artificial fragrance and only vegetable dyes."

I chose the Athena candle to bring good fortune, cash flow, help with career and opportunities, and for motivation. The scent is a really subtle mojito kinda smell, made from peppermint and lime essential oils. It smells beautiful and is so refreshing. I also find that the minty element actually helps with my nausea. I tend to burn this when I want a productive blog day and it really does work. Check out her Instagram to see more of her candles

 WhatLydDid Personalised Blog Kit Bag

WhatLydDid Blog Kit Bag

If you are in the blogging world then you probably know how bloody lovely Lyd is. I honestly think she is probably the kindest person in the world. When I saw that she had released a range of these personalised gorgeous bags I knew I need to treat myself. They came out at the perfect time as well because I'd spent about 3 hours looking for my hard drive and the SD card for my camera. Now they are all safe together in this beautiful bag. I also highly recommend following Lyd on twitter.

What are your favourite small businesses to buy from?


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