6 January 2021

Equestrian Winter Essentials

Surprise, I'm back. I can't believe how long it's been since I last wrote on here. The pandemic just wiped out all of my motivation and concentration. I also got a horse which meant that getting our land and stables ready for William took up a big chunk of my life and energy. We're all settled in now and I think I'm finally ready to get my shit together and actually start writing on here again. Now, this wasn't actually supposed to be my first post back but this one is finished and the other one is not. Hopefully my 2020 beauty faves will be out on Friday. 

We all know I am a Summer fan (if we ignore the heat triggered migraines). I hate being cold and the rain gets on my nerves. So getting a horse in September was not my brightest idea. I have however found as many ways as possible to make leaving the house in the am hours (I am not a morning person) whilst it's freezing slightly more bearable. Plus having William's cute face waiting for me makes it all worthwhile. 

A girl stood on a snow covered road wearing a thick coat, a girl in the snow wearing a pink knit headband, a girl stood on a snowy bank in a black gilet

Yours Clothing Coat* and Gilet - As a plus size girl finding coats and gilets that fit is a bit of a task and not one that can be carried out in the equestrian world. Yours Clothing has always had my back though. Their coats are nice and cosy with a massive hood, they fit well and they look great. I live in the Gilet but the coat has kept me toasty this week. I did size up in the coat though because they're tight on the shoulders and I want to be able to move to ride.

Equiboodle Vixen Hoodie - I currently have 4 of these hoodies. 2 stable ones and 2 home ones and they are on rotation so I am never without the cosiness of these hoodies. The thumb holes and snood neck make these the comfiest and warmest hoodies I own. The hoods are also big enough that they fit over a hat. 

Vivendi Apparel Thermal Active Leggings - These are the only leggings I will wear from now until it is warm again. I don't know what magic was used to make these but my legs are so toasty in these, even in the icy snow we've been blessed with. Not only are they super warm but they are beyond comfy and bloody gorgeous. Get a pair. You won't regret it. 

A blue haired girl wearing a navy bobble hat, Black and gold vivendi leggings and muck boot co wellies, A purple haired girl wearing a white and navy bobble hat
Sabbot Headwear Headband - If you've seen me on my Instagram stories you will know that I live in this headband. My hair is forever in a messy bun and this is the perfect cosy accessory. The colour goes beautifully with my hair too. I also adore their Bobble Hats. The fleece lining of their accessories makes them the perfect winter addition. I do also really love the Half Halt Headband and Bobble Hat if you are looking for a more affordable option which looks just as good. 

Toggi Socks or Cool Horse Socks - My poor circulation means that my feet are forever cold. I normally have to sport 2 pairs of socks at least to keep my toes attached but these two brands have revolutionised my sock game. More money than I would usually spend on socks but the fact that my feet are ice and pain free makes them more than worth it. 

Muckboot Co. Lined Wellies - On the topic of cold feet my parents treated me to some lined wellies for Christmas and I am in love. I got the Derwent II which seem to be out of stock. Hands down the comfiest wellies I have ever worn. It's like walking on a pillow. But even better, they keep my feet so warm. Since wearing these with my trusty socks I haven't had ice block feet and I haven't had to suffer with chilblains when I come back into a warm house. Magical.

A girl in a riding hat and hi-viz wearing a face mask, A girl riding a chestnut horse, a girl in a riding hat with ear warmers

Snood/Neck Warmer - Getting a cold chin/neck out on a ride is the worst so these lil scarf things are the best. I forgot mine the other day though and improvised with a face mask (Fuck face mask - Use code BeTH for 10% off) 

Foxy Equestrian Ear Warmers - I saw these being mentioned on Instagram and I knew my cold ears needed them. These are hands down the best invention to ever exist. So simple and so effective. I have never been so toasty when riding. Warm ears makes the rest of you feel so much warmer. 

A girls wearing pink hi-viz is riding a chestnut horse with a view over the welsh mountains

And then here are some of my favourite bits that aren't clothing. 

Childs Farm Moisturiser - I have super cracked hands from all the hand washing and being out in the cold weather and this stuff is a life saver. I apply this when I get in from the stables and also before bed and it's really been helping heal my hands. It's not scented and is really good for anyone who struggles with eczema 

Glossier Lip Balm - My absolute favourite lip balm with so many delicious flavours. I have one of these on me at all times and make sure to slather it on before going for a ride to stop my lips from cracking. (Use this code for 10% off - I get a £10 credit)

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - Now this stuff is a bit pricey but it is a miracle worker. It also lasts a really long time. I apply a thick layer to go to bed and wake up with nice hydrated lips. I also apply a thin layer as a balm in the mornings sometimes if they're feeling a bit sore. If your lips need healing I highly recommend this. 

Body Shop Oils of life Moisturiser - I have really dry skin already without being out in the cold, so a good moisturiser is essential. I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop skincare and this one is my current fave for getting some much needed moisture into my skin. The Vitamin E range is also amazing. 

Travel Mug - Probably the most essential. There is no way in hell I am leaving the house in the morning in the freezing cold without a hot beverage. I love the Bodum ones if I want my coffee to stay hot for a long time but if I want to drink it within the hour a plastic one cools down quicker. 

Car Heated Seat Cover - I am not fancy enough to have heated seats in my car but I got this seat cover for Christmas and it is a game changer. This one was from Lidl but Amazon has loads. Honestly, there is nothing better than getting back in the car after a cold ride and having a toasty butt in seconds. 

If you want to keep up with my horsey life then I set up a new Instagram and you can follow me there - @Bethscountrylife

What are your winter must haves?


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