8 August 2014

West Midlands Safari Park

Warning this post is photo heavy.

I am a proper child and love to do things that you usually see kids doing. Trip to the beach to eat too much ice cream and mess about in a rubber ring in the waves, yes please. Animated films cuddling my fave teddy & eating all the popcorn, of course. Trip to the zoo to see the animals and get my face painted, hell yeah

Last week me and my family decided to take a trip to West Midlands Safari Park and have a fun day out after the chaos of the previous week. I somehow managed to drag my ass out of bed at 7am put on my face & clothes and fall into the car where I took my duty of car DJ very seriously although I'm not sure my family appreciated my collection. We went from frozen to charts to rock to spice girls and back to disney. I had a wail of a time belting out Hakuna Matata. My mum just laughed at me & my dad slept.

We arrived had a quick toilet stop for my tiny bladder which I'll have you know made it the whole 2hr journey without stopping, I'm quite proud and went straight for the safari part. As we got there not too long after opening at 10 the safari bit was quite busy as everyone was heading there first. We made up for this by doing it 3 times rotating who was in front (my back windows dont open so everyone got a chance).

This place is pretty good for disabled access. You can have a free carer if you have a blue badge, none of the toilets require a radar key (they are a tad on the small side but my electric chair did fit) and you can get to all the animals in the actual park in a wheelchair including in the bats and reptile house. There are a couple of hills but plenty of seating and of course the main animals you see from the comfort of your car. There is also a lot of disabled parking spaces.

I made friends with and fed a giraffe who had fabulous eyelashes. I then got slobbered over by another less fabulous giraffe. I also got slobbered on by a cow/ox thing, I dunno what it was but it had a serious dribble and slimy nose problem. I also fed a Nilgai which is an Asian antelope who was pretty adorable until it decided to lick the full length of my arm. I fell in love with the white tigers and Dholes. They are so adorable I want one.

The thing that dribbled and snotted all over me. Such a slimy nose

The one sticking out his tongue was the dribbly one. Still had fabulous eyelashes though
Dhole, look at his lil face

N'aww look at his tongue

Exciting part was baby animals obviously. We saw a baby elephant, baby deer & a baby camel

I did find the bit where you walk about a tad disappointing. There was more games, rides and stands to buy stuff than animals. It just seems a bit greedy that they are trying to sell you stuff when it only actually takes about 20mins to walk around the animals there.

 I did however agree with the face painting stand and of course I got mine done. I was a tiger this time and my brother begrudgingly agreed to be a leopard although I secretly think he wanted to really. Parents seemed to be more jealous than their kids because we looked that cool. We did however get some weird looks when we stopped in B&Q on the way home. Obviously tigers don't do DIY.

Also I found Nemo and either Simbas mum or wife

And I got freaked out by an ostrich, it would seem that they kinda terrify me. They're weird and creepy and scary

What's your favourite animal?


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