3 August 2014

Sunday Summary

Two posts today, aren't you lucky. Another week, another Sunday Summary.

So 7 things that made me happy this week

1. My shoulder is feeling better so it's out the sling

2. 3 out of 4 of my wounds have healed fine - we'll just pretend the last one which seems to be getting wider and looks infected isn''t happening

3. We went to West Midlands Safari Park and I got my face painted - Post to come soon

4. I've discovered Criminal Minds and I'm addicted. However they just took it off love film. Boo

5. Went to a BBQ and had a few (+ a few more) drinks and fell in love with the blackberry and elderflower Pimms and I normally hate Pimms and I didn't get a hangover which is always a bonus

6. My MAC lipsticks arrived. Does this mean I'm finally a beauty blogger as I now actually own a MAC lipstick? Kinda gutted that Lady Danger was out of stock and Ruby Woo went out of stock after I made my order and I got a refund instead but at least I have started my MAC collection.

7. Had steak last night and a huge roast tonight. All the food

Have to try and get to the Drs tomorrow to make sure my stomachs not gonna go too gammy. I'm also desperate to finish my book which I spent all day reading yesterday as it's so good and I have the next one in the series. I also might drag my brother to see How to train you Dragon 2 because I still haven't seen it yet.

What made you smile this week?


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