11 August 2014

Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant

I have to admit I am so so lazy when it comes to moisturising. I get into a really good routine if I'm ever on holiday and then as soon as I get home it goes out the window. I'm trying to be better at the moment mainly to try and keep my tan up. However when I was in hospital I fell behind and I now have that weird patchy peely look which is always a good look but I'm trying to get back ontop of it and praying for sun to even out the weird patchy bits.

Anyways I digress, I picked up this Vaseline Spray & Go when it was on offer in Superdrug and it has changed my life (may be a slight exaggeration). Now my biggest bug bear with moisturising is being too slimy afterwards to get dressed or into bed etc. This moisturiser eliminates this completely. It is not slimy at all. It's kinda in the name, you just spray, rub in and off you go to live your life not being held back by your moisturiser.

It also smells aaa-mazing. I can put this on before bed and wake up still smelling of this gorgeousness. I was worried that because it was so light it wouldn't actually leave my skin feeling moisturised but I was so wrong. My legs feel super smooth and I can't stop stroking them. You can also spray a light cover on your back and then you don't have to rub it in as it sinks in on its own. Magic and now none of that awkward stretching/dislocated shoulder nonsense. Another plus is you can draw pictures whilst spraying, I'm easily amused.

I thought as this was a spray it wouldn't last very long so I was a bit nervous about paying £4.99 for something that might only last a few weeks but I've used this loads and I still haven't made a dent in it. It still feels full. Definitely worth the price and as it's a spray you don't end up using too much which I am really bad for doing with body butters.

Overall I am massively in love with this and actually look forward to moisturising. It's got my lazy ass into a kind of routine and it doesn't make me feel like a slug. Yay

Anyone else in love with this?


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